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3 years ago

Hey guys I am writing this just to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Lucas Chelsea and I am 18 years old. I am from North London and that is where I was given birth to. In fact that is why I cherish Arsenal so much that I will do anything to play with them.

I wanted to be a footballer from the age of 8 but I think that is not what is best for me. So I want to be a successful engineer who will one day build civil strictures and presidential residencies. But that is not all that is to become of me.

I also want to change the world through writing of quality books and articles on the newspapers. Maybe someday my name will go viral and I will be a very popular poet or writer. Instead of building houses alone I will also build a new Earth with my pen. These are a lot of wishes so to make them come to existence will take a lot outa me. I must be very hard-working and straightforward if I want all this to come to pass.

Living in England is a wonderful experience. England is where I call home somewhere I can survive alone just by myself. England is where I want to stay forever until I die. I hope to die a peaceful death after succeeding and making all my wishes come true.

This is where I will start here on RC. I will first change the platform before I change the world and I want you guys to be with me when that happens. See ya.

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Good evening n nice meeting u n hope u fulfill your dream of becoming a great engineer in the world 😇

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3 years ago

Wow!That's great. My favourite game is football also.I hope one day you will be a great engineer in the world.😇

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3 years ago