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Hi, I am Cherryline, I love photography.

I usually cook.

Writing stories and poems are also my hobby on my leisure time.

I also compose Song lyrics.

It is not too long since the day I first started to use ReadCash when someone introduces me to this website. Well at first, it was really awesome because I really earned BCH by just uploading articles and any other contents that are inside my mind. Well, I really like writing anything that is I am thinking because I think this is the way I can express myself.

I am writing this just now to ask you a few questions:

We all know the differences that happened to the new update of ReadCash. Just wanna ask you guys how was it? How was the new update? How was your experiences? Is it good for the better website or is it bad for those users?

Share your experience here. Continue to support and use ReadCash?

Still, happy earnings everyone.

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I am a new user and while I go along with this site , i was wondering if how much this site earns from all users and how does all participant writers receives the payment. 🤔 What i mean is, as one of the users or particularly those who are "active participants" , do we really get back the payment that we deserve? 🤔

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2 years ago

the more effort we put on this site by creating a wonderful article of yours, the more justifiable payment you will get.

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2 years ago