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Failure to absorb adequate nourishment even though the diet is satisfactory. Malabsorption may be temporary or permanent and is a result of inflammatory bowel disease or disturbances of digestive enzymes.



A general term for feeling unwell. It may signify the onset of an infectious illness, or maybe associated with established illness. Symptoms include loss of appetite and energy, aching joints and muscles, weakness, difficulty in thinking clearly, and headache.



The term used to describe a tumor or growth that invades nearby organs or tissues and spreads to other parts of the body via the blood or lymph streams. The opposite of malignant is benign.


Mammary Glands

The female breasts that produce milk in lactation.



A disorder marked by over-excited, overconfident behavior, quick and excessive movement and a garrulous manner. Often it is associated with manic-depressive psychosis, a severe mental disorder in which the sufferer swings between moods of extreme excitement and profound depression. Manic-depressive psychosis needs specialist, long-term psychiatric care.

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