The irresponsible person

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2 weeks ago

I got upset knowing what happened to my neighbor.She had a two kids and now her husband left them for her girlfriend.

Last week I learned about this issue and I did'nt believe as I am thinking its not true coz I can't believe that he can do that to his family.

But then it was confirmed when I saw his Facebook post that he is Manila now.

That man ,oh no not real man anyway ,is my brother inlaws friends and it was confirmed that he is Manila ,he left his family for his girl friend.

I don't know their whole story but I can't understand how thick is his face to left his family for his another woman,such an irresponsible person.

I can't understand ,na kaya Ng iwanan Ang pamilya Niya knowing that his eldest son is easily to get sick.

Just like yesterday ,my son told me that his friend which the son of that irresponsible person was having a fever.I felt sad and pity at the same time thinking their situation.

I know they are struggling now since the wife does'nt have work ,how about their food,their essential needs?

And just now I saw my neighbor post(the wife)updating her status and it's said that she is a single mother of two now.

So sad that a woman like her struggling this kind of problems.I just hoping that she will keep stronger for her two kids.

The husband was posted a video of his family telling that he missed them ,he loves them and hoping that his family will forgive him.

In my opinion ,he does'nt have the called love for his family coz he did that thing ,imagine he left his family for his girl friend ,I can't describe how thick his face is.

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This is one of the things I am afraid of to happen sis. Di biro ang maging single mom lalo na at pinagalit ka sa iba

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2 weeks ago

This is painful for the neglected family. I pray God be with them.

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2 weeks ago