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3 months ago

Lifeless they may say,

Heartless they will state.

Fearless I may say,

And you have the strongest faith.

The world is a cruel place,

Behind the wall of atrocious maze,

Inside or outside, either makes you fazed,

Where will you go if that's the case?

You possessed the most beautiful eyes,

Often misunderstood,

But I'll always be where you stood,

To the strongest soldier of humanity, I salute thee.

Can you guess who's the persona referring to in the poem? Well I guess you can of you've watch this anime. This is the most depressing anime I ever watched and I can't wait for it's final season to air.

I stan all the characters, and my heart aches from time to time🤧

I don't have a crush on this particular character the way I love Tsukki and Kou, but I love him in a way that I want to be his sister or something, I love him for real🥺❤

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Waaah. Levi my heart uwuuu❤

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3 months ago

Levi heichouuuu🤧❤

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3 months ago

It's not Levi? He's the most heartless I know in Attact on Titan ee, and he's the strongest for me, because in their last battle he's the only one remains. And his eyes is beautifully chinky 🤧, and I love Levi Taichou ❤️❤️🤩

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3 months ago

Yasss it's the one and only Levi Ackerman

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3 months ago

Yesss, sabina, sana may Levi taichou chibi din 🤩🤩, any cute cute non, tapos serious face ,🤩 anlaaaahh ❤️

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3 months ago

Waaahhh oo nga sana makagawa ako hahah

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3 months ago

Sana nga, wait ko yan if ever. ❤️

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3 months ago