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Welcome Back To My Blog!

Happy New Year Hivers ...

I wish you all a great year filled with awesome possibilities and adventures that would bring out the best of you!


Just at the peak of Christmas, my brother came with beautiful news that altered the plans for Christmas I had. Well I was pissed, to be honest, but although he is my junior brother I have to do most things for him. 

It took me roughly nine days to finish up all tasks that needed to be accomplished to avoid lapses, the stress I encountered was second to none. So dreadful! 

Seeing this experience shortened to this form of writing made me laugh out loud because I knew it was so durable that I hoped to see the end of it.

The last day for rounding up those tasks was on the 31st night and as tradition demands, there is always a crossover night service and that was the one I can not afford to miss.

In a rush to meet up, I almost had an accident which was quickly diverted by my bike rider and at that moment I realized how lucky I was to be alive to be able to witness a new era.

An atmosphere of gratefulness overwhelmed me, I remembered a few friends that I lost last year and my legs and hands began trembling while I was still in motion. 

During those moments I was entangled with work, and I only wished to spend my crossover night in a church service in good health and strength. Then witnessing that little mishap jolted me back to a state of appreciation.

The night service was so good, joyous, and energetic that I lost my voice in the moment hehe... and today being the third day of January 2023, I am grateful to be here with you all on this platform in a good state of mind.

So it is a happy new year folks!! Hurrah!

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