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With the advancement of technology, the world is much more modernized contrary to those days when individuals scurried here and there exchanging goods and services for monetary value or consumption. Ever since the advent of civilization, purchasing products from shops, stores, or markets never ceased to exist. Technology improvement in the marketplace gave rise to internet shopping while the normal routine became a tradition for everyone.

As of recent, internet shopping has been the order of the day while traditional shopping is becoming a consideration to many individuals. Hence, there are certain limitations attached to both terms which are the disadvantages and the advantages. So the term "choose-your-poison" depends on whom. After all, every individual knows their scale of preference but this may vary in times of the season.

One thing about internet/online shopping is that it lacks thorough and physical examinations of products that physical shopping has. The satisfaction that is gotten from purchasing a particular desired product, sparks a beam on one's face. Although online shopping can give you nearly the same satisfaction then it depends on the quality of the package received.

Particularly for me, I would rather choose to purchase items in the market by myself. There's no greater lesson I might learn from the differences in types or kinds of products available at hand. Meanwhile, during this Christmas season, I was entangled with some activities which included going to the market to get imported products.

During that process, I went to two different markets. The other one was a shopping mall and I was utterly flabbergasted lol! I began doing some comparisons between those products which apparently were staring at me at the moment and that of the previous day in the market. Most items in stock at the mall were three times more expensive than the previous market price, what the hell?!?!

What pissed me off was after sorting the items on my list, I went straight to the counter with my trolley. When it was my turn to be attended to, I unpacked my items on the board to allow easy reach of my items for estimation. Then he said and I quote “Ma, the total sum is #87,000 naira (in $112 plus)”. I was like huh!? Then I agreed and brought out my debit card and paid, after a while my receipt was handed to me (image below) and I saw VAT fees included another fee that summed it up to 87,945 nairas. 

You see that extra money in the form of fees bla bla bla can get more things in the market but it's all for good!

Although most things I got from the shopping mall weren't available at the market! At least the importer told me that earlier! I expected it! But not three times higher! Imagine standard slippers going for the price of #12,000 naira (in $16). Well, anyone can get it but not me! Let's not divulge further, the actual reason for this deets is to relate with you the reason I prefer physical shopping to an online shop and the lessons, and experiences I got from them.

One beautiful thing about online shopping is the convenience and time. One reason I can equally shop online might be because such an item isn't available in the market and the time spent walking through the market is enough to dedicate to other tasks. Probably, it might be a moment when such an item is needed urgently then an order is placed.

I still prefer physical shopping more because I do not want to hear what I ordered versus what I got! Trust me, those rumors are so trendy but when it strikes no one would be happy about it. That still wouldn't stop me from ordering online because there are trusted sites where you can get your products and your delivery is assured.

Like I said earlier, both have their advantages and disadvantages but fix yourself in whatever suits you then when it's needed.

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Yes and advantages and disadvantages of both. As far as groceries I'm like you rather pick out my own. Something just tells me if they pick they will get rid of old stock first. Merchandise products can very store to store. It's an advantage to look online rather than utilize time going store to store. Hey you can look online and still go to store and pick up. Well if that's allowed I know some prices are for only online.

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2 months ago

Actually, I have done that several times which is checking products online (expensive) and getting them offline (less expensive) there's a difference I think because of tax attached or something. Old stock needs to be sold out as soon as possible to avoid it being useless. Thanks for your encouragement, tips and enlightening comment🤗.

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