Manipulated by my favorite treat.

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During the most celebrated seasons, my uncle traveled for Christmas leaving me home to die of boredom and loneliness. I think this was the last Christmas if I am to be precise!

He made sure that I understood the implications of hanging out, flirting, and misbehaving. He went further to improvise fear and static so I would be confined voluntarily at home ... an incredible way of limiting me, body and soul rofl ... kudos uncle!😅

Well, I remained in a state of equanimity and I did understand perfectly until I got a message from my girlfriend saying we should hang out somewhere far from home. In less than forty-eight hours of my uncle's departure, I packed up some things and left the house for my hostel ... y'all know the privilege of leaving outside school premises, lol yeah! ... “we asaaa”... I quickly updated my WhatsApp status!

My phone chimed and a notification popped up, it was my uncle “kedu nke bu we asaaa?” meaning “what's we asaaa?”. I twisted it and gave him the wrong interpretation of it that it meant we are beautiful! when in the real sense it's a modified version of (we are outside) ... try pronouncing it together and stressing the end part hehe he believed it but I blocked him from viewing the next update.

My friend stopped by my hostel and we both made our way using an Uber ride to the reservation center at lekki ... It was just a girls' night out! But unmistakably she needed guys around which I am not comfortable with although I played along.

The annoying part was when she left me for a gentleman sitting opposite our table leaving me alone yet again. Well, I was without company but it didn't bother me because everyone was excited watching the comedy skits displayed by notorious comedians and some dance shows by a dancing crew. I sipped my cocktail intending to not gulp it down at a go because it was damn expensive, a glass of cocktail for $6 seriously??... after looking at the list of cocktails available on the menu, we opted for “margarita ”.

An attractive young man walked to my table and asked if it was vacant, I affirmed immediately but I made it known she was sitting with someone there meanwhile I was merely admiring him. He was, well, unique. He was handsome, not perhaps in the conventional sense, but he had that appearance that could make him stand out in the crowd. He was dark in complexion, he had this crazy tinted hair, a well-groomed beard, and a good sense of humor.

I was dazzled and at the same time skeptical if he frankly chose this seat to sit or if he wanted an outing with me which in that area I'm not sure. I didn't flinch when he asked me if I wanted something, I disapproved politely whereas I would have approved ASAP!! ... I was trying to form a hard nut to crack! haha😂

In a few minutes, his order arrived in a bamboo wooden serving tray: grilled barbecue fish with chips and a small pack of coleslaw attached to it. One of my favorite treats😩!
I looked for a way to get him talking a little so we might converse better to join him devouring that my estimation, he won't be able to finish it, I suppose? lol... hey! Wait don't tell me I am silly hehe cause I was famished at some point! ... I cleared my throat intentionally and grabbed a table water, squashed it after sipping the remaining content to cause distraction but still, he didn't look my way.

My girlfriend who was having a nice time with her new friend gave me this suspicious look, she knew I was up to something but she hasn't placed her hand on what it is yet. I smiled at her curiosity quietly and continued with my attempt because that grilled fish was about to be tampered with. So I sat in a sloppy position allowing my foot to touch his for a bit, he reacted immediately by withdrawing his legs lol, and then he sat in an upright manner and began eating.

I wasn't supposed to talk/ask him when eating but that fish aroma coerced me to even when I attempted to say a word he halted me by displaying a hold-on gesture with his left hand and the only time he spoke to me was when he had finished the whole treat and washed his hands. I was sexily building a temper inside me lmao. He apologised for abruptly stopping me and asked me to continue with what I wanted to say but at that time the zeal was gone.

I told him softly that I admire his tinted hair and that the hairstyle was dope and he reciprocated the compliment by saying he admires the way I keep myself. I felt tickled a little and smiled openly. Then I felt like he was attacking me sweetly after many other compliments, I guess that was the pain of not having a bite of that grilled fish. I took the menu from the table, looked out for it, and summoned the waitress to get it asap!

Now our conversation began getting deeper with more compliments, likes and hate, background, and much more till my treat arrived. My friend hastily appeared at my table and she was already washing her hands! You can imagine the guts haha! Well as for the tinted guy, I left him mute after many questions thrown at me weren't unanswered. After a while, he left the table. As soon as he left, I questioned my girlfriend who suddenly left her former seat for mine. She said she would have joined the tinted guy truly if he had allowed me to take a bite. Furthermore, she said that the aroma made her tummy grumble. She burst out in laughter while I joined her laughing hysterically.

We had a few silly jokes afterward and went home, after a couple of days I left back to my uncle's home. I didn't mention this outing with him or else I will pay the price of being disobedient.

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