Dreemport wotw- Time.

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1 year ago

Trapped by my thoughts, whispers in my ears, echoes were my roommate, the serenity was my comfort, the walls provided support for me leaning against it and the darkness was my peace. Here in this part of the void was no competition, no honking of cars, no conversations overheard, no activities, no pressure, no movements, just me lurking around endlessly in the space.

What would the world be without me?
Does my existence reflect anywhere?
Do I matter to someone?
Am I loved dearly? 

What would become of me in the afterlife?
Is there any remedy to this reckless thought?
My aims, my targets, my aspirations...
Where would it go? 

Who would take over my dreams?
Whom am I going to hold onto?
When will these tears be drowned?
Who am I really? 

Do you ever wonder if your existence matters?
Can you take a peek into the future for me?
Or should I continue dreeming?
How does reality shape? 

I heaved a huge sigh of relief... 

I guess TIME will REVEAL all of these questions that roam my keen mind freely... it always tells at the end... 

Time is the very essence of our living!.... The Inevitable Element. Time is a professor in its domain, we experience, encounter, feel, and still learn so many lessons from them. All this revolves around TIME.

TIME tells the tales of legends and their inventions, time tells stories of every human on this planet. If we have an automated record of all history right from BC (Before Christ) to this very moment, Time would do justice to everything.

Of Course, History Was TIME!!

Legend's stories were recorded because of the impact they imposed on our world today to be remembered and to lead folks into making valid decisions. Every legend had a difference they made before they passed on and the only way we knew about this was because of the documentation of such events and how TIMEtells the story of what happened.

When we stumbled upon our various experiences...what tells the story?... Let me answer that!...TIME did and always will even if the host dies.

How I watch myself grow from a naive person to an educated, mature, and reasonable human...all thanks to time for its effects and changes. Indeed change is constant!

I'm back to reality and I assure you that my time won't be wasted because it's priceless and I am a mortal and I age.

I am the Eternal Goddess,
Ever Enduring and Persevering...
My Subjects Are Bound To Me... 

My Reign Is Infinite,
I Make Men Of Valour...
And Make Women Of Virtue... 

I Am Reverenced,
Every Second Of Me Is Priceless...
I Make History And The New Generation Adores... 

I Am Ageless,
My Beauty Is My Usefulness...
And My Heart Holds No Grudges... 

For... I... Am... TIME... 

Thanks for reading this piece 🦋 

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1 year ago


This is beautiful....

Nice to see you've grown from how you used to be, How you've found yourself...

A lot of us haven't figured that out yet, finding oneself is no easy task. Change truly is constant, and time does tell...

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1 year ago

Thank you for the beautiful compliment....and of course I am still figuring myself out too everyday changes are happening because of time. Thank you for stopping by!

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1 year ago