A Little Change

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4 months ago

30 years ago, what do you remember as a woman -vs- what is happening in the world today. One memory and what the change has been whether positive or negative.

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I almost gave up because forty years from now, where on earth was I? Maybe in the void haha waiting on dad to hold on to mom....pfft...scratch that thanks Joan for making these questions get to everyone in their respective age box.

I can't tell a lot about what has happened but I am sure to narrate changes that occurred twenty years ago both in the society back then and concerning me.

If I should say thirty years ago then I must be a year old, so let's say twenty years ago. As a child, I always watched my mom doing chores, cooking, nurturing kids, doing laundry, cleaning and going to the market, and running some errands for dad.

Back then, it was seen as a woman's mandatory duties at home, and most fulfilled them else she would be tagged a disobedient wife or sent home packing to her parent's abode which meant that she was not eligible a trained housewife. Not only that my mom was brought in as a housewife but she was compelled to not talk in the presence of men as it is deemed disrespectful and unequal to speak based on gender/inferiority imposed by them. If she has something vital to share, permissions must be granted before she can be offered a hearing that's how I grew.

Once my dad is back from work or a meeting, she quickly dishes out his meal and serves him appropriately and whenever I try to compare and contrast the difference between now and then, I still choose mom's time because ethics, morals, and virtues are valued and honored. In essence, where this narration diverges is that in this 21st-century morals and virtues are no longer implemented/valued/respected rather it's a preference based on choice/circumstances. It's termed " archaic " and the terminologies used to classify this is " modernization "

- what changed here is the ethics, virtues, and custom.

Back then, when everyone didn't have a mobile phone number to make calls to their loved ones, friends, and family. I think there was the use of landline communication at that time but its usefulness was about wearing off and the introduction of mobile phones gradually sprouted up. One would need to walk down the street to a call center and make calls, they are charged twenty cents per minute.

I used to always make calls to my aunts and one thing I sort of disliked about that was the lack of privacy and the invasion of third parties may be from other folks in cue waiting for their turn. It's more like a phone booth but the difference is that there's a person who's in charge of collecting payments as the caller returns the phone...(manual method). As of today, those mini phone booths are nowhere to be found anymore, thanks to the advancement and availability of technology that mobile phones have reached everyone. So since everyone has a phone and loads voucher cards, is there any availability of opening a mini phone booth?... Nope!

- what changed here is the advancement in phone technology and its wide availability of it ... It's no longer common.

Back in those days, everyone relied upon office jobs (9-5), you had to wake up in the morning and get to work with no excuses because that's how money was made roughly. There was no availability of online jobs or remote control jobs or better still freelancing jobs, then it was tough!

But luckily as society began exploring different dimensions the need to develop online jobs became necessary, the need to acquire a remote control job became necessary, and then the world's most paying jobs are now online jobs where one can be in the comfort of his/her home and work effectively...now folks have the right to make a choice either working from home or walk-in office, people can now choose freelancing jobs than a full-time employee.

- what changed is the modernization of the employment system for the advantage of the societies.

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4 months ago


Things have changed so well. You made me remember that moment too because I also went outside to make calls while others would be waiting on cue. But technology has better lives of everyone where you aren't waiting to get up early to resume 9-5pm but you can work from home. Women now have right to speak their minds because they can now stand on their own while pursuing their career.

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