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Why Him

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2 years ago

His smile that makes me in glee
His chinky eyes that beats my heart irrationally
His intense gaze that look over me
No wonder I'm interested, drawing me closely

His tall and moreno figure
His calm jokes and calm demeanor
The lazy look in his eyes that annoys you
But when he laugh, it makes you smile too

I have no idea when it started
Wherein you are the one that my eyes wanted
Looking you at the corner of my eye
Smilling like a silly i wonder why

One step closer, but you took three steps further
So near yet so far
Everytime i draw you move
Puzzled, what do you want to prove

You're a full of contradiction
Yet, i want to create a connection
Coz you take my breath away
Like a sun that brightens the day

I wamt to hold and cherish this feeling
And remember the moments when im faling
No assuming things, Just go with the flow
And be the heroine on the show

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Your writing has been very nice, it goes without saying that your handwriting is very good I am a new user Please support me I also want to write like you Subscribe to me and leave a comment Thanks

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2 years ago

Thanks for your compliments hahah i am also a new user😊 Lets support each otheer❤️💜

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2 years ago