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2 years ago

Seeing your happy faces
But walking toward me carrying your broken promises
As if its better without me
That i am an extra baggage to carry

How far can i continue and go?
If there is a pain and disappointments carrying my soul
Those hurtful words that you are saying
Pierce down my heart and no cure for healing

Im not seeking for more attention
Just only a little affection
With your love I think I can do anything
But you are unconcerned on what I'm feeling

The sparks in my eyes is now claimed by darkness
My feelings consumed in sadness
Destroying the dreams i make
Pulling me down every try i take

How can i show you my good intentions
If you refuse to see and point out my wrong reasons
How can i keep fighting?
If there is no reason to hold on at the beginning

I trembled and burst into tears
I feel so worthless with every discouragement i hear
Now my trust is broken
And i only have myself to begin again

Someday you will realize your mistakes
That you chose to push me away
As i stand strongly on the ground
With my wings spread and flapping over the clouds

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