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My Life with You

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Written by   24
2 years ago

The love in you're eyes that is hard to find
So sweet, gentle and kind
Mant people says that there is no forever
However all i want is to be with you until my life's over

I found my true happiness in you
I hope youre feelings for me is true
Now i offer you my heart
Please dont break it apart

Teasing you is my hobby
Please my love, don't be angry
Coz seeing your different expressions
Is my everyday motivation

You are the light in my way
My inspiration every night and day
You arms is my warm blanket
As I melt in your sweet smiles I can't nt forget

I hoped that our love last endlessly
We wil create wonderful memories
We will fill each other emptiness
Because your are my beloved , my life, and happiness

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2 years ago

Thank you for recommendation❤️😊

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2 years ago

Wow, love is so special

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2 years ago

Yess love is special ❤️ depends on the person you love being with😍

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2 years ago