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Mission and Vision

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2 years ago

Its been 1 week since our online classes started. As we try to cope up to this new method of learning. I also realize  few important things.
Our professor gave us a task which to write  reflection about the vision and mission of the school and our department.

As I read and analyze the vision,
mission. As well as the goals and objectives of the College of Education. I have learned a few important things. First, a vision and mission is important to any school in order for the students to cope up towards the changes of world. Like our current situation as we face and struggle in the middle of pandemic, the mission and vision of the school was able to uphold their words with the help of everyone such as the dean, professors, school administrators and facilitators. They are able to lead a technology driven ideas for the students to pursue their education despite of the crisis.

Second,  the mission of the school helps the professors  and school administrators on taking their decisions to lead and  carry the future of the youth. The mission was to develop the students to be a globally competitive and socially responsible professional. I realized that even though we are currently facing a crisis as of the moment, we must not neglect our education so that we can prepare for the future. We should still pursue our studies despite of the hardship in order for us complete our course. We cant predict what may happen, maybe some good people saw our struggles and they may able to lend us help and open an opputunities for the students. Or rather, there is no one who can help you but yourself.

So we must prepare ourselves to endure and cope up with the situation.

Third, I learned that the school are continuously conducting researches in able to enhance the lives of the community. Like on how they are able to come up with ideas of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Synchronous which means that the professors will meet the students through  google meet or zoom. And the Asynchronous which were the students will do the paper works at home.

In order to secure the health and welfare of the students and teachers, because of this pandemic but at the same time doing their jobs and tasks .

Fourth, i learned that we need to keep researching and developing teaching methodologies and strategies in order to prepare for the upcoming events that may happen. So that we have a lot of choices and paths we can take to help the teachers and students if an issue or crisis will emerge.

And lastly, I found out that as a student, I also need to be obedient to the instructions of the professors and school administration and do my task diligently. We are all enduring hardships and struggling on our own circumstances, but the school and teachers are always thinking about the future of the students and the quality of education they can experience.


Despite the advantages and benefits there are also some problems we can face.

First, as the school are leading a technology driven ideas some of my classmates are lagging behind because they don't have gadgets to continue their studies and they also lacks in financial aspect to buy one.

Second, the school utilizes learning platforms such as zoom and google meet in order to reach out their students. However, some of the places that the students currently living in are experiencing instability of data connection. They will not be able to understand well the topics and lesson of the professors.

Third, as the society are keep changing and many technology driven ideas are provided in teaching. Some of the old and traditional professors will be left behind. Even though they are responsible and its their job to improve their skills, their physical limitations may reach it limits.

Fourth, being immersed in technology in a long period of time can cause health issues. Such as bad postures or gradually having your sight to blurred.

Lastly, technology can helps us to connect and reach out other people. Having our mission and vision as its centred helps us to cope up with the world today is a revolutionary idea. But it can also the cause why people wanted to isolate themselves and be engrossed in the technology. Such as scrolling through our phones and browsing informations. Additionally, watching educational and fun videos. Typing and talking to other people in the cyberspace. Or being entitled to always type comments and voice out their opinions in any issues as regards to the country even though it disrupt others. People like that enclosed themselves in their own world that they neglect the real world.

As a conclusion, every coin has a two sides. Like how there is a day and night. But we must chose what sides to take. A black is a black and white is still a white.

We must know what are things that can encourage and inspire us. To help us to think throughly and consider what decisions we must take as we pursue the life of being a student.

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Written by   24
2 years ago
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