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2 months ago

Across the room with many silhouettes

Across the room with many faces

Amidst of them i am standing blankly

Staring quietly , observing attentively

I turn my head rightwards, move my feet forward

I saw people talking then laughing afterwards

How can they have different personality? Yet they are uniting wonderfully

One girl is listening quietly

She rarely talks and nodding only

Another one seems so bubbly and talkative

She is loud and perceptive

At the corner stood the other one

Talking enthusiastically with everyone

As if you agree on his every word

And be immersed on the story he told

Different personalities, but blending in casually

Its amazing how everyone interacts mysteriously

Sharing each other miseries, laughing each  stories

Where everyone shares the same experiences, but had their own uniqueness

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