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Proof of Brain and how you can get an additional monthly income in the crypto-sphere

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Many of us, do not have much money to invest in crypto in order to expect getting those gains once the token we have picked will have mooned x10, or x100. It is understandable and it always depends on our socioeconomic status. It is more important putting bread on the table and fulfilling your everyday needs that risking it all into something that you are not much convinced about how it works.

Others, do not want to take such risk of investing their hard earned money in something so volatile as the crypto markets. It stresses them way too much to watch those market swings, pumps and dumps.

So how can someone make money by using his free time in engaging with crypto?

Many users in different communities have been getting rewards and payments through the articles they write, in the platform's native tokens. This makes for a considerable monthly income, especially if you manage to grow your followership base and you are a consistent high quality writer/poster.

The growing number of platforms allows for boost in the monthly income of users as in many cases they cross-post their articles in different pages in order to attract a larger audience. Despite that, when sharing an article in one platform you need to be aware of its niche and its rules.

Which are some of the most reputable such platforms?

First, it is the Hive Blockchain with its numerous sub-platforms. If your research and writing skills are good enough, then you can try joining and be rewarded for your content by the native platform in which you are choosing to post it. Some of Hive's platforms worth exploring are Leo Finance, CTP, OCD, the homonymous Proof of Brain, In Hive is that you need to have Hive Power(HP) in order to keep posting your articles and getting rewards for curating other people's content and the way you get HP if you don't want to buy it is by other users upvoting your own articles. My approach is to find your niche in Hive, and the relevant community that this niche addresses. Focus there in the beginning, as some of the communities can be a bit saturated or too competitive for a beginner and more difficult to get the necessary exposure.

Then, it's Read.Cash and Noise.Cash. I have grouped both of them together as they both reward you in Bitcoin Cash, though the platforms are different. Read.Cash is more blogging / article oriented and you get rewards either from other users through their own funds or through a Reward Bot that randomly tips quality articles, sometimes really generously. Noise.Cash is a microblogging platform in the form of Twitter. You get microtips of $0.01 per each like that your posts get and also you can get direct tips from the users. The people sponsoring Noise.Cash have set a daily budget of $4,000 split between users for tipping. In addition, there is always the option for people to tip others' post through their own wallets. The good thing about both Noise and Read is that you can post as much as you like without any daily limit.

Publish0x is another blogging platform that rewards its authors but also its readers. How this works? Well, Publish0x offers 10 free tips per day to its users for tipping articles. The tips are in the form of ETH, AMPL, and iFarm tokens. So when an author posts an article readers can tip it from 20% to 100% of the tip amount. If you decide to tip 20% then the rest 80% of that tip is awarded to the reader. This is a win - win scenario where even as a reader you can make a couple of $ per month just by reading articles that attract your curiosity. Furthermore, Publish0x organizes very generous writing and social media competitions that even if you do not have much talent in writing you can win some rewards just by participating if you are luck!

Torum is another interesting alternative with a lot of future potential. It is a cryptocurrency-focused social media platform that pays its users in its native XTM token. With growing numbers and a slick interface, which includes user profiles, company pages, and groups there is indeed potential behind Torum. While XTM has not been listed yet in any exchanges as its IEO will be launched this summer the potential for early adopters is there. Joining Torum now will credit your directly with 35 XTM tokens

Then, there are lots of other platforms that are maybe worth exploring a bit such as Minds, Uptrendd, and etc, if you have the time and interest.

All these platforms and others can serve as an option for people who want to get involved in the crypto-sphere allowing them for a steady monthly income, just by putting their brain to work by researching, writing, creating original content, engaging and bringing awareness to the world of cryptos. Furthermore, they serve as knowledge banks for their users and readers. Thus, even if you are not interested in writing, give them a try!

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