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How I started

I learn how to program C++ programming language when I was 15 years old but I didn't create any sophisticated program, I just learn the basic fundamental of C++ that time that's why I can only create a simple program. I didn't expect that I will take the path of being a programmer because computer is my weakness. I don't know how to use computer, I don't know how to program that time and I really don't know how does computer works. When I entered high school they offers ICT strand to me and said that I will be included to those student who create programs that's why I learned the basics concept of computer and programming language.

I started to learn new things from the school especially to my teacher in programming his name is Alberto Juntado. He is the one who teach me the fundamentals of C++ and later on I started to learn C++ on my own, I borrow books from the library and to my classmate who has a c++ programming books. When I have a free time I always scan the books and write down all of the unfamiliar words or terminology and search it on google and study it.

I also learn how to program with the help of youtube tutorial, especial mention to my favorite youtube channel TRAVERSY MEDIA, CSS KING -KEVIN POWELL, and GIRAFFE ACADEMY. They are the one who teach me how to dream big and think like a programmer.


When I started to learn programming, I don't have enough strength and motivation to continue what I am doing I'm just thinking that I like programming. I'm just happy that I am learning programming and that's all, then the next day when I don't like to read programming books then I'm not forcing myself to study just because I don't like. Then I realized that I have to discipline myself and force myself to study even if I don't like, I started to look for a motivation and inspiration . Then I remember my mother, she was sick and my family need money because we are suffering from financial problem. So my family became my inspiration and motivation in life to keep going. I don't want to suffer my family because I didn't do anything just because I'm still young ,helping family is not determine by age it's all about your skills, and capability to do something useful for your family and society.

When I lost motivation then the things that comes to my minds is "If I will stop now then I will no longer become the person that I want, I will no longer help my family for financial problem and I will no longer become the best version of myself". There's no reason for me stop now because I have a lot to do in life and that's make me stronger to keep going in life. Poverty is not enough to drag you down, If you really want to become the best version of yourself then you must keep going and don't forget to seek guidance to the lord.



  • you need laptop or personal computer

  • flashdrive

  • notebook and ball pen or pencil

  • books for programming or pdf

  • internet or data.

    Why do we need laptop or personal computer?

    -we need this things for creating algorithm, program and also for documentation plus for creating graphical representation and many more.


    -for backing up all of the important files that you need for programming. I remember when I was robbed by an unknown guy, he took everything from me starting from laptop, cellular phone, wallet and also pictures (it's very important to me because it's a gift for me huhu) but he forgot my flashdrive and that's makes me happy because all of my files are inside to my 32 GB flashdrive .

    Notebook and Ball pen

    -When I started in programming, I don't have any thing that mention above. I don't have laptop to work with the codes so I only using notebook and ball pen. I am creating the algorithm using notebook and write the program on it and since I don't have IDE or Integrated Development Environment then I will be the one who will compile the codes.. By simulating the program then I can able to determine the outcomes of the program.

    Also this two things can help us to retain the things that we learned from somewhere especially in programming, writing down the important notes can help us to become a better programmer.

    programming books and pdf

    -this only optional because there are people who prefer watching tutorials tha reading books, but in my case I love books I love reading books especially in programming. Books is the one who help me to become who I am, many information is inside the books that's why it can assure to you that you will become a great programmer!.


-of course it is very important especially if you have a problem in your program and do you want to fix it but there's no one around to help you then GOOGLE is there for you!. Google is your bestfriend and it will never let you down!!


If you read my previous article then you will know what are the things that I will going to give to you now but in depth.

It is very important that If you want to become a great programmer then you must ready to create a big changes in your life like creating a good habits and avoid vices . I remember my golden time with programming when I'm still in progress of accepting the changes in my life, I'm still procastinating and doing unnecessary things and that's normal because I'm still in progress so I don't need to force my self to avoid that things. So I created a plan, I decided to make a schedule for learning programming . I created a big illustration and write down my schedule and post it on my wall so that I will remember what are the things that I promised to myself.

So every morning when I wake up around 6 then I will have a breakfast then after I ate I will get my C++ book and Read for about an hour, then after that I will open my laptop then create a layout for web page using adobe xd and If have extra time then I am practicing photo manipulation using adobe photoshop for creating original images for web designing.


  • Almost half of the actions you perform each day are habits. 

  • Habits are powerful because of neurological cravings. 

  • Habits works through the habit loop: 1: Cue, 2: Routine, 3: Reward. 

  • When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making 

  • The automatization of your actions free up energy that can be used focus to other tasks. 

  • Take control over your habits: Your brain can’t tell the difference between bad and good habits. 

  • Use The Golden Rule to produce the right changes:

    1: Use the same cue


    3: Provide the same reward.

Having a good habit can help you to stay motivated and stay focus on the things that you want to achieve. You can become the person you wanted to be, and it can also help you to learn fast and retain all of the things that you've learned . No matter how hard it is , you must follow the rules and regulation of studying!

Sample Web page that I created:

programming Language that I used is javascript and for markup I used html and for designing is css (castcading Style Sheet)

for my next article I will show you all of my projects and how did I make it.

I have a lot of programming projects and web development project using html, css, and javascript . SEE YOU AT MY NEXT ARTICLE!

credits to unplash for images..

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1 year ago


I am also not a fan of computers but now im starting to like programming too!

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1 year ago

my weakness becomes my strength now haha buti nalang di ko napadpad sa ibang field.

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1 year ago

Keep it up!. I do not know how to code using powershell, I am still learning as well.

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1 year ago

Thank you ma'am! Soon I will publish about c++ and web development.

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1 year ago

nice!..I believe we do have a web developer member of this platform as well.

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1 year ago