Dark Secret of Internet.

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Have you ever imagine the world without internet? Doing homeworks without searching on it, you have to come to library and do some research manually , making friends just only on your area, send a messages to your special someone via sending mail and wait him/her for days or month just for the reply. It's so very difficult right? But thanks to internet! Everything now is easy and convenient.

One click away and ready to go! Internet is intentionally created to help people , to help us in school works, jobs, business, giving us an update about what's happening to our society and many more.

It's not created for evil things such as fraud, scam, human trafficking, child pornography, illegal activities, black market wherein they can sell illegal products or substances.

Sad to say that all of the bad things that I mention above is happening on us right now anywhere in the world.

I want you to be aware that evil things are always there ,it is part of our life! Just like in the movies there's a protagonist and antagonist .

The third layer of web is hiding something creepy!

We have three layers of web, we have the surface web, deep web, and the dark web!. The Surface Web is what users access in their regular day-to-day activity. It is available to the general public using standard search engines and can be accessed using standard web browsers that do not require any special configuration, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge, and Google Chrome.

There are some instances that phishing site exist in the surface web wherein hackers used it to steal sensetive information such email password, phone number and etc. Once they have the personal information then they can do whatever they want.

And now lets talk about the third layer of web which is the Dark Web. The dark web, also known as dark net websites, are accessible only through networks such as Tor ("The Onion Routing" project) that are created specifically for the dark web. ... Identities and locations of darknet users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked due to the layered encryption system.

Dark web is very dangerous because mostly of the website has a malware or it is a phishing site. Dark web has an increasing number of crimes such as child pornography wherein a lot of pedopiles are abusing the child and make money by posting the video on the dark web, black market is also present here wherein selling drugs, guns, and illegal substances are allowed but they are anonymous that's why they are not afraid to do all of the illegal activities here.

Reason why dark web is created .

Dark web is created by the US government to allow their spies to communicate anonymously. They use it as a tool to fight against their enemy but the problem is dark web used by the bad guy to do their evil acts and make money in illegal way.

Black hat hackers are the responsible for this. They want wealth that's why they are doing it and some are doing it just for fun and for pleasure, to make their day full of exciting and fun.

Security is a must!

If you’re like most people, you probably lock the doors of your home or apartment when you’re not there. It’s easy to do, is a cultural norm, and reduces the chance of having a criminal break in.

It’s a standard practice that leaves you less vulnerable to intruders. Now, take that same thought and apply it to protecting the enterprise. As digital business increases, there are greater opportunities and higher payoffs for cybercrime, and enterprises need to take precautions to reduce vulnerabilities that can lead to breaches. They simply can’t afford to leave the door open or even delay closing it.

Roadblocks to Protecting the Enterprise

Meanwhile, companies have to deal with these and other threats but are challenged because the organizations responsible for addressing them – Security and Operations – have different and conflicting roles and priorities. Security does the scans for vulnerabilities but it’s up to Operations to do the patching. Meanwhile, Operations is focused on uptime and availability so patching can get deprioritized and delayed.

All too often, security and operations teams don’t have enough visibility into each other’s plans and activities and this situation adds to a disconnect between the two groups, which is known as the SecOps Gap. Failure to close that gap can leave a business open to breaches, lead to a loss of revenue, increase costs, and damage a company’s brand. It can also result in the failure to meet regulatory requirements and big fines. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can address this challenge and close the Sec Ops gap.

Take Control with Security Operations solutions

Security Operations solutions can help companies reduce the unknown risk of blind spots and enhance collaboration between these two organizations with automation. They can help Security and Operations find, prioritize, and fix vulnerabilities with an actionable view of threat information based on risk.

Get more details about the Security Operations challenge and how BMC automation closes the gap and protects organizations by automating compliance, getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and automating remediation.

Thank you for being with me! Please protect yourself from black hat !


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