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Philosophy is derived from two Greek words: Philos/pholos/philem/philia or philein meaning Love and Sophia meaning wisdom. Etymologically, philosophy is the love of wisdom. There is no universal definition of philosophy, the complexities surrounding the definition of philosophy has led some philosophers to define philosophy as undefinable. Each philosopher has his or own definition of philosophy:

(I). "Philosophy is an academic subject that exercises reason and logic in an attempt to understand reality, and answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality, virtue and human nature."

  • Socrates

(II). "Philosophy is the tenacious attempt of reasoning men to think through the fundamental issues of life, to reach reasonable conclusion on first and last things to suggest worthwhile goals that can command loyalty of individuals and groups."

  • Carlis Lamont

(III). "Philosophy is a search for comprehensive view of nature, an attempt at a universal explanation of nature."

  • Alfred Weber

(IV). "Philosophy is the science of sciences."

  • Coleridge

(V). "Philosophy is a persistent effort of both ordinary and persistent people to make life as intelligible and meaningful as possible."

  • Branold

(VI). Philosophy is a philosophical process of solving some characteristic methods from a characteristic attitude and arriving at characteristic conclusions."

  • Dr. Ramnath Sharma

(VII). "Philosophy is a process of constant questioning."

  • Plato

(VIII). "Philosophy is thinking really hard about the most important questions and trying to bring analytic clarity to the questions and the answers."

  • Marilyn Adams

(IX). "Philosophy is the successful love of thinking."

  • John Armstrong

(X). "Philosophy is the study of the costs and benefits that accrue when you take up a certain position."

  • Peter Adamson


1. Popular Notion:

Philosophy as the love or quest for wisdom or knowledge.

2. Academic Notion

- "Philosophy is a rational search for answers to fundamental questions that arises in the mind."

  • Omerogbe J. I

- "Philosophy is the science of all sciences."

  • Scientists


Traditionally, philosophy is divided into five branches, namely; Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics and Logic. Others are: Philosophy of other subjects and Axiology.

I. Epistemology:

Etymologically, Epistemology is derived from two Greek word "Episteme" meaning knowledge and "Logos" meaning study, theory or reason. Thus, Epistemology studies the origin, nature and scope of knowledge. School of thoughts or philosophical systems in Epistemology are rationalism, empericism and idealism. Rationalism postulated that reason alone is the source of true knowledge. Empericism holds that knowledge can be available only though sense experience. Idealism emphasizes mind, spirit, soul or ideas as ultimate source of knowledge.


* The essence of philosophy is the study of fundamental ideas and methods that are not adequately addressed in specialised imparable discipline such as Physics or History.

* Philosophy provides the fundamental upon which all believe structure and fields of knowledge are built.

* It is responsible for the definitions and approaches used to develop the theories of such diverse fields as religion, language, law, science, etc.

* It enables us to think carefully and clearly about important issues.

* It sharpens our analytical ability.

* It gives a good job

* It helps us to live a better life.

* It helps to identify deception.

* It helps to understand the history of thoughts.

* It helps to be more creative.

* It can help make the world a better place.

* It satisfies our sense of being human in a unique way.

* It led to many of the greatest achievements.

* It is enjoyable.

* It offers us knowledge.

* It helps us to be reasonable.

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Written by   54
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