Young Generation Lovesickness

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I was struggling with chopsticks while eating noodles, when my sister’s best friend came. Unintentionally I heard that 9th grade student frustrated voice “no body care about my feelings, even he is ignoring me”. However, I cannot share the whole details which I eavesdrop later intentionally (oops!) but I found few interesting facts on young generation, which I want to share with my read cash family.

So, let’s start with understating todays LOVE

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Love is a blessing off course not blind but if it’s affecting you, distancing you from your close people and making you idle towards your aims then it’s just sickness (better watch out). Unfortunately, our young people from school level to university level are engross in such sickness. Although that time period is considered the most imperative for making career but except few, mostly just ruined it in affairs. And the interesting fact is they all are doing it knowingly, they gave their time, efforts, and care to a person which just became their part of life few days ago. So from my social network I gathered some opinions based on these questions;

Despite of so much care from our family and friends why we still thirst for a stranger’s care?

Our curiosity brings us to new people, especially in case of opposite gender. We want someone to hear us without criticism. The feeling of being loved and cared from opposite gender is thrilling and despite of so much love from family we still feel something missing.

How that nobody out of sudden became everything to us?

Spending most of the time with that nobody, sharing even a minute detail and being curious about each other make it everything.

Why it affects so much, disturbing not only our mental health but later physical health as well?

We became so much addicted that we feel useless and hopeless when we lost contact. It’s like losing something precious, which devastatingly affect our daily routine. When relationship is smooth we behave marvelous to everyone and when its down we want to be alone, not in mood of talk or work.

Is there any true love or just addiction?

Indeed, there is true love but if you are mature enough to differentiate it from temporary overwhelming relationships.

Is all this good or a peril to young creative minds?

Well, dating at young age have been found to impact on both mental and physical health. It not only affects psychological development but is also linked with behavioral issues, unsatisfactory academic and employment performance. Look around!

 Thank you all and let me know your thoughts by answering these questions. Ta Ta for now!

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Article is just on point, this generation is lost in attraction rather than love

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1 year ago

there is this desire of self appreciation and that's where they are seeking it

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1 year ago

You have covered this topic very beautifully with a wise choice of words. I couldn’t agree more. Why the urge to be loved by a stranger to the limits where you forget the pure and eternal love of your parents as well

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1 year ago

very true dear

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1 year ago