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BLURRY(in the reality of life, forgone)

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6 months ago
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I remember the first ever indecisive journey I embarked on years back. I don't know how it happened, but everything is so fresh in my memory.

8 years ago. Hong Kong, China!

I and my parents had relocated from St. Stanbic Estate to another Estate entirely. I recall asking them why we had to leave all of a sudden, knowing my exams were by the corner, but all I could ever get as a reply was "We need to go, Audrey, if not, we wouldn't make it"

Well, 12years Audrey, I was, couldn't think out anything reasonable from that above statement. Except for the stress of getting acquainted with a new environment again, and the joy of making new friends. I was literally happy!

We had packed in, and settled in our new house for 2months now, with everything going smoothly. Not until a day when I was alone at home, and I decided to take a walk around, and see what this mystery house we lived in, was made of.

I got to discover the shape of the building of my house. It was triangular. Nothing of a building I've seen like that before in my entire life. This jilted me to keep looking around. I kept walking till I got to the balcony of the house. Sorry if I forgot to state the land space was really as spacious as you can ever think.

At the balcony, I spotted a small door. Brownish-black in colour, more like the colour from the rusting of iron.

The door was so short. But the distance from the door looked quite lengthy.

I decided to look up, following the walls of the building... I could see nothing like a ceiling.


I should have been scared right? But I wasn't. I didn't even think twice, and I pushed the door open and in I hopped. Everywhere seemed calm and welcoming. No noise, humans, no creatures, except for the dim light that pierced through a crack in the wall, and reflected in the perfectly dark building.

I looked up again, and still, the ceilings seemed to be there, but I didn't see anything. I kept walking, taking great caution as if the ground could open up and swallow me anytime soon.

I had matched a secret ground button, and yes! The ground opened up, just a section though., And I fell underneath. Landing with my side., At courtesy of my left arm.


I groaned quite aloud as I opened my eyes, and this very building I had fallen into, was lighted perfectly. Seemed like I was in the throne room of some sort of royalties.

More quickly than I had thought, the guards came and carried me away to the dungeon. Locking the prison iron bars behind him. He said to me. "Prepare well Latisha, for your tournament with SLEEPING HURDLES, is tomorrow.

He said and locked me back, leaving me in my wildest thoughts. First, where was I ? How did I even end up in a prison, the first day I mysteriously appeared in a strange land? 😳

And who is "LATISHA" is that me? But how., Mama named me Audrey, and dad, Peter's!

Wait, wait?

I said hitting myself a bit hard on the head. Who on earth is "SLEEPING HURDLES"?

And I would fight him/her tomorrow. Ohh no! I didn't know what to do. That night, I crept out of the cell, went to the spot just before the waters, practises some defends skills alone, under the supervision of the moon, as I found strength anew.

The following day, I had matched out and beheld the fierce-looking creature I was made to fight.. I was nothing compared to him. His foot covered almost 10km land distance.

I stood on my ground, and somehow I defeated him. My cell was changed. I kept combating with other creatures. And as I often won, I was being promoted in the prison yard. I soon made a physician friend and had asked him some questions about why I was here, and if I could go back to my parents. It's been 10yeats past in this mysterious land, and I was 22years. My parents must have been dead, but just to pay my last respect. Let me go find their carcass, and bury them befittingly.

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He showed me a series of maps,. And how many more stranger lands I had to go through, in order to get to my world. But I didn't pass through all of these to come here, sir? I asked a bit tensed up.

"Yes! You didn't have to, because the time was right for you to come". He told me.

What do you mean by these words? I asked him, and he took me to a building, which they call "The Halls of Prophesies"

I could see large picture frames of Lukar forgone hero's. (Lukar was the name of the mystery land)

I saw a picture that looked like me too well. At least, me as an older man. "Is that me?" I asked frightened.

"Yes it is.. you were the hero that rescued this land from the enemies, the time dinosaurs existed. Your fight made them go extinct.

He further showed me a book, and on a particular page, I could see writing.

"The return or Babook. (That was my name is the life far behind)

In time to come, when aliens would want to steal Lukar from its people and treasure., The last great hero, Babook, shall rise again and rescue Lukar the second time from the aliens. He shall come as a 12year old boy, Audrey! And shall be recognized by the people as "LATISHA". He shall fight and win against the creatures. And shall dwell in his past land for 30years, before returning to the new world of which he found solace as a newborn.

After reading this, I got to know I was the chosen one. I stopped finding ways to escape back to earth. I ruled for more than 20years, and on the eve of my birthday, I had left the mystery lands, back to the dimly lit building, and back to the door, I ran as my legs could carry me. I was 42years already. A full pledged man. I ran through that short heightened door, u couldn't pass because of my masculine stature now. I was timed. I had 10 secs to make it through that door and our to earth. I forced myself, and u was finally out.

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And just then, mom and dad showed up.

"Hey boy, been looking for you for days now, where did you go?"

Did he just call me boy? A 42-year-old man.

" Tie your lace, my mom added.

I looked down at my shoe and saw how small my shoes were. Sized 32 actually. I had returned from the mystery lands, back as the 12year old Audrey I was. So, the phase of "Latisha" was over.

How many days did you say I was lost, mom?

"3 whole days son"!

Wow! So 10years, meant 1 day on earth. So mysterious.

"Hurry and back, we see leaving this minute. We secured a flight to California".

I packed, and we left the estate. And that' was the day I got to know the name of the estate.

I had seen it up, on a billboard. And it read.

"BLURRY Estate.

The land where Imaginations, are Alive in you. A bit beyond reality.

Wow! These words explained why I had to travel to the mystery lands through BLURRY!

Thanks for reading through, what were you expecting or what was in your mind

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Written by   102
6 months ago
Topics: Novel
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What a fantastic story! You got a wide imagination

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6 months ago

So scary. Was actually thinking it was real at some point.

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6 months ago

thanks for reading

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6 months ago

That's a crazy story. I would be dead by then when I found something so wired around me. Good to read the scary and mysterious fiction.

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6 months ago

thanks for reading my special person

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6 months ago

A very informative article I've read today 🥰

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6 months ago