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Wisdom Of The Tiger

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1 month ago

"A tiger doesn't worry about what the sheep think." The tiger is one of the most terrifying animals or beasts in the jungle. For it to survive, it must have certain attributes and characteristics that it uses to survive in a highly competitive jungle. Here are the life-changing lessons that we can learn from the tiger. 

Number one: tigers hunt alone. This ensures that it goes in its own direction. Learn to do things in your own ways; don't depend on your fellow individuals or groups for you to make a step in your life. Moving in your own direction can boost your confidence and motivate you to face a situation without fear.

Number two: tigers can adapt, improvise, and think on their feet. be like the flowing water, forever adaptable. A few animals exemplify this mantra more than the tiger. In the unpredictable world that we live in today, in a world where every day presents its own unexpected obstacles, the difference between a successful man and a failed one often boils down to being able to adapt, to improvise, and to think on one's feet.

Number three: tigers are blessed with the gift of patience whenever the opportunity is at hand. Don't be in a hurry for your opportunity or chance. It well. Don't be too fast or too slow. Instead, just be on time. Always remember that good things come to those who wait. Give everything enough time, and what you're looking for will eventually circle back and find you.

Number four: the tiger has the ability to detect an opportunity, see obstacles ahead and know which solutions can be applied to such situations. When dealing with a significant opportunity, it is critical to have a correct and accurate calculation. A goal that is good must have a barrier that will prevent you from achieving it. Plan well and see how you can solve all the possible problems that may arise on your way.

Last but not least, the tiger male waits for the female and cubs to eat first. In the world of the animal kingdom, it's not often that you find this kind of behavior. And if that animal has that kind of sense, then why not us? Because we are all people! The tiger teaches us an important lesson: sacrifice to put others first.

Your worth is determined not by how powerful you are as an individual, but by how much you are willing to assist in lifting up those who are weaker than you. The comparison of humans to tigers is incorrect. These lessons might help us improve our daily lives if we apply them in real life.

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Written by   16
1 month ago
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Each time I watch animal clips on the TV, I observe keenly how the tiger will be patient enough even when they are very close to their target. They wait for the right time to strike. Great lesson to learn from this single action.

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1 month ago