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In The Midst Of Chaos

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2 months ago

It is good to be uncomfortable. I've never met anybody who was terribly creative, gifted, or strong in leadership who was also comfortable. It's always those people who say, "Is there not a cause?" They are those great people who are uncomfortable with the instances and upward shove to the event due to the fact they refuse to permit the chaos round them to determine the conqueror within them.

People who resist the toad to go down and stand fiercely in spite of opposition and say, "I'm going to do it anyway." It is the chaos of time that creates a conqueror in man. So, when God gets ready to reveal to you what you have in you, he will often place you in the midst of chaos to push you.

But during those down moments, that's where the growth takes place. That's where the work is. Anybody can feel good when they have their health back. Their bills are paid. They have happy relationships. Maybe everybody could be positive then. Then anyone can have a broader vision. Can anybody have faith under those kinds of circumstances?

See, the real challenge, the real challenge of growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, comes when you get knocked down. How do you handle it? That's where the growth takes place. It is the insecurity of the times that defines who you really are. You will not be challenged when it is convenient for you.

You will be challenged in your chaos. Opportunity comes in chaos. a chance to stand up. "A second chance to get it right." a chance to make a u-turn. Stand still and let the chaos run through you. We all live in this bubble. You've got to put Mo and your bubble together if you want to have the life that God wants you to have. You need to pop your bubble. Expand yourself.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Do not live in your bubble. Put some more air in your bubble. If you stay in your comfort zone, that's why you will fail. You will fail in your comfort zone. Success is not a comfortable procedure. It is a very difficult thing to attempt.

So you'll have to get used to being uncomfortable. Start putting pressure on yourself if you want to be successful. Put some pressure on yourself. If you want to make it, you have to get real doggish, downright funky.

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Written by   16
2 months ago
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There are use to being uncomfortable sometimes. It really spurs creativity. You know that human nature is such that when it becomes too comfortable, the ability to think becomes less, and until they are struck by some calamity that brings them discomfort, they won't be creative to solve problems.

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2 months ago