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Find Out A Purpose To Be Born In Earth

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2 months ago

Hi, friends, how are you doing? I hope you all well

Okey, let's start today motivational article.!

You know, the Wright brothers, when they were able to create a vehicle that was only up in the air for about six seconds. Up to that point, the belief was that man couldn't fly because if God wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings. "You will never fly." You're not a bird. Get used to it. You're not even a pigeon. Get used to it.

You may think like a pigeon, but you can not fly. That was the belief, but the Wright brothers had a breakthrough in thinking and changed the approach to what it would take to transport our bodies in the air.

You came here to do something that some people immediately recognize. Nina Simone climbed up on a piano at five and started playing within a year. Some people know right away what that is, and there are some in the majority because they have not been exposed to or seen something that they have the ability to do. They have not seen anybody doing it yet, so they don't even try.

The one thing that I have learned in life is that opportunities don't come often and sometimes don't come easily. They have a time clock, and we need to seal the deal now. We need to seal it right now. We can't wait; we can't put it off. Not only that, but we need to seal the deal right now.

It's not just about getting knocked down and getting back up; it's about never giving up; it's about fighting when there's no more strength left in you; it's about going beyond yourself; it's about going out to something when people say "what are you doing?" or "why don't you give up?" because I can't. It's inside me to never give up.

I will keep fighting to my last breath in this body. You don't know what I've been through; you don't know how much work I've put in; you don't know that once you leave this earth, your work will still live on; you will be remembered; you will be glorified; so don't tell me to stop because I will be remembered; you will be glorified. So don't tell me to stop because I will be remembered; you will be glorified.

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2 months ago
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When we know our true purpose and we are locked on it, we don’t listen to what others will say, cause we believe in it.

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2 months ago