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Every Pain Makes Me Strong

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3 months ago

For a diamond to be produced, it has to go through extreme pressure and extreme heat, and if that wasn't enough, what makes a diamond "a diamond" is the cuts, so if you want to be a diamond, you must go through extreme pressure.

If you can't take the pressure, then you're not a diamond. After you go through all the pressure you thought you could not handle, and you think it's over, they turn on the heat on all the stuff. I've gone through in my life eating out of trash cans and sleeping in abandoned buildings.

The worst thing that ever happened was when I went to the hospital and they told me my wife had a chronic illness and she might not even walk one day. It never broke me. Why? I've been broken so much, I've been defeated so much, I've been disappointed so much in my life, and I know what it feels like and how to handle it.

It did happen to me at 19. It did happen to me at 20. It did happen to me at 30. It happened to me at 40. After having been through all the pressure, I thought I could go through life saying, "you finished with all the pressure?"

"Yeah," I said, and life say, "Let's turn up the heat." You all know I went through a lot of pressure in the heat. I thought it was over when the creator said, "Now you're ready to get cut?"

You stated that you wanted to be great and travel around the world. Say you want to help people, inspire people. You've got to be a diamond.

If you've ever studied a diamond, once it goes through that type of pressure and it finally becomes a diamond, at that point, you can't break it anymore. If you understand what I'm telling you, once you get to that point, you cannot be broken anymore.

The only way they can tell if a diamond is a diamond or if it's a fake is by applying pressure. That's how they know this is going to be a dog fight, and if you're soft, you want to get out now.

There are certain things you will never accomplish and certain things you'll never have. By just thinking deeply, you'll never be able to do certain things. You'll never see it by just thinking deeply. But you've got to have a heart because sometimes you'll get hurt.

You must be able to recover from setbacks. You have got to be resilient. Sometimes you're going to face obstacles. You might pass the test on the fourth try, not the first, not the second, not the third.

You've got to have the ability to get back up. Not only do you get back up and brush it off, but you also act as if you've never failed in the first place; you have ambition and the desire to have something. The desire to have something. The strong desire.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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Yes our setbacks is what can actually make us stronger, very agreeable one

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3 months ago