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3 years ago

When we talk about happiness, it seems that this word is very simple. It connotes positivity. It feels like it is achievable with no effort at all. Well maybe if you are a seven-year-old child you can define this word without thinking. Because merely your emotion can define happiness as simple as a joyful feeling. That feeling when your Dad bought you a new toy. Feeling of being cuddled by your Mom. Happiness for a young child is so genuine, so pure. How I wish I can do the same as a woman in her midlife. Well, as everybody knows there is no perfect in this world full of chaos, a harsh world for some, a privileged one for others, and perfect for a few if anyone is existing in a perfect life. Inequality is so real even in emotions. It doesn't limit itself in the social aspect but this one harsh word exists in all aspects of our lives. How very unfortunate, isn't it?

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