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Sunday, April 5, 2020

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9 months ago

This May we were supposed to celebrate our tenth anniversary. My wife and I were thinking of taking the kids to New York. Visit the Natural History Museum, walk around Central Park, see the Statue of Liberty, maybe even catch a show.

But obviously that's out of the question now.

In addition to my 10 year wedding anniversary, 2o20 is also significant because I am now exactly the same age my father was when he died. In fact, I've outlived him by a couple of months.

Growing up, I always assumed I would die young like he did. I never met his parents because they died before I was born, and his sister didn't outlive him by much either. There's no one left from that side of the family, other than me and my brother.

It's hard not to compare myself to my dad. He had two sons, three years apart, and I have two sons, three years apart. Not only that but I'm the oldest, and my oldest is so much like me everyone says he's my twin. And I mean everyone. The way he looks, the way he acts, I see so much of myself in him it's uncanny. Don't get me wrong. I know he's his own little person, he isn't me, but he is so much like me that sometimes I feel like I can practically see his future. Even his younger brother reminds me of my own younger brother. Their dynamic is the same.

I don't know why I'm telling you any of this. Maybe it's because I'm on lockdown and there's nothing else to do. Anyway, I'm going to stop here for now. Maybe I'll think of something more interesting to say tomorrow.

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