What I learned from the ANTS

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THE WISE king of ancient Israel Solomon gave this advice: "Go to the ant "

What can we learn from ants?

Go to the ant, you lazy one, look at his actions, and be wise. He has no leader, no superintendent, no ruler; but he prepares his bread in summer, gathers his food in harvest time. These the words of antiquity reveal truths discovered by modern naturalists.

Once, being in nature, I observed an amazing sight:

Waking up early in the morning, I see that several dozen ants got into my five liter transparent tank of water.

At first they floundered apart, but then gradually began to gather in a bunch.

Seeing that the ants climb on top of each other and, as it seemed to me, drown their own in order to survive, I gave up the idea of helping them.

Imagine my surprise when two hours later I saw the ants alive. They created a small floating living island, nestled on top of each other in the form of a pyramid.

I was interested in the vitality of these insects, and I began to observe them.

Those that were below, of course, were in the water, but until a certain time. They were voluntarily replaced by ants from the top row.

They descended into the water and only after that, tired of holding their relatives, the insects crawled out onto this living island to rest, in order to change their friends again later.

Moreover, none of them tried to climb to the top faster, on the contrary, they hurried down into the water, where it was most difficult.

I was amazed by their heroic self sacrifice and mutual assistance, and therefore I decided to help them faster. I managed to find a spoon that easily entered the neck of the vessel.

When the ants saw salvation, they climbed out one by one on land, but one, still exhausted, could not cling to the edge of the spoon and remained floundering in the water.

Noticing this, the last ant, closing the column, returned back.

I seemed to hear that he was calling him and begging:

"Hold on, brother, I won't leave you!".

Realizing that it was impossible to reach it from the "shore", the ant began to descend into the water, but then I could no longer look at this heart wrenching picture and moved the spoon closer. Then he easily reached out to his brother and pulled him out.

Thus, this living floating pyramid survived by mutual aid. The whole process of observation caused me a lot of different feelings.

At first there was condemnation when I thought that the ants were drowning each other. Then the surprise that they survived after a long swim in the water.

Then it was just interesting to watch them, but when I saw a well functioning self rescue system, I was delighted.

Each insect knew what it had to do. And, of course, I regretted not helping the ants from the very beginning. They made me ashamed by their behavior.

And the last feeling that I experienced at that time was great annoyance. Thoughts about human things came to me in a continuous stream - indifference, disagreement and hostility, etc.

I wanted to shout to the whole world:

- "People! If you don't know how to live, at least learn from the ants."

Are we dumber than insects?!

Ants helping each other

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I learned from the ants that they are truly hardworking my friend. They are busy everyday especially finding their foods and they always prepared.

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