The Zodiac Signs Series: Part 1

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Do you believe in Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the effects that astronomical bodies, primarily stars and planets, have on human beings and their daily lives. It is believed that a person's personality, behavior, and success is supposed to be shaped by the location of the sun, stars, moon, and planets at the moment of his or her birth (not their conception), as well as their or her romantic connections, relationships, and financial fortunes, among other things.

Going on further, it is becoming a fortune telling game that most people nowadays are being drawn into. However, for some, just like me, I still consider it as something like an entertainment and somehow a motivation especially when I am feeling down in a particular day then I will see a good thing related to my sign.

Speaking of that, these zodiac signs are the most popular and known factor with regards to astrology.

There are twelve (12) zodiac signs which refers to the twelve constellations.

And since yesterday is March 21, the beginning of the Aries season, let us see what are some distinctions that these zodiac signs.


Aries are those born from March 21 to April 19

Here are some personality traits of the Aries people. Some may be true and some might not but let us just come along to these predictions.

  • They are highly compassionate and sympathetic, in addition to being creative.

  • They like exploring new places and trying out different adventures. They are commended for their bravery and spontaneity.

  • They do like to initiate programs. They seem to have high energy and work quickly with regards to this matter.

  • They seem to be strong or tough on the outside but they are soft hearted on the inside.

  • They are considered to be risk takers and determined into all the things that they want to achieve.

  • Just like always, there is also a negative side for Aries sign. They are known to be competitive and are not a good sport.

  • They often keep themselves quiet but there are times they lose their temper and do things they will regret.

  • Aries sometimes becomes tactless and impulsive; they do not think about the consequences of their decisions so most often than not, they have to learn every lesson the hard way.


Taurus are those born from April 20 to May 20

  • They are known for their capacity to engage socially.

  • There are times that they can be really stubborn but they have their own ways in getting to the things that they want.

  • They are naturally charming and they can kick back and knows how to relax.

  • As for friendships, you can rely to Taurus signs. They are reliable and honest to their friends or to the people close to them.

  • They may be slow and steady but they can be terrifying when they get mad.

  • Taurus signs love to explore the beauty of their surroundings – the nature and cozy places.

  • As for relationships, Taurus like harmony with their partners. They need to feel loved and comforted most of the time. They could stick to a relationship and be immersed with it.

Since this article is already getting long, I promise to do another one with this topic continuing the other signs.

Comment down your signs and we will see what the rulers of the planets and moons can say about it!

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Topics: Astrology, Zodiac


I am an aries and most of the personality traits listed are true to me. I consider myself creative at some point and there are also times that I lose my temper because of small silly things.

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