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Learning Vs performance

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2 months ago

Addressing inequality is never too late in later life. At any generation, individuals and societies can make improvements and strengthen behaviors; decision-makers and policy-makers can do the same. Indeed, these optimistic changes at every age will bring advantages; always note that' there is life left to be lived.'

You wonder why you can't make any progress and begin to blame yourself for not working hard, but it will lead you nowhere to blame yourself; it's time to think and focus on what you were doing.

Many individuals appear to spend much of their time applying abilities they have gained and practicing to achieve the best possible outcomes. They believe that learning ends at the stage of entering the work environment, in which a person should only perform and perform every second. Learning, however, is not a stage to finish; it is continuing and should never stop at any moment. It is about finding a balance between time spent in the learning zone and time spent in the success zone to get better results.

Features of the Learning Zone

  • Expecting mistakes is a really natural aspect, because you're working on something you haven't yet learned.

  • Focusing on progress, and not always being right.

  • Trying out new ideas, and asking for and drawing on input.

  • Identifying areas for change that should be extended to the success zone.

You should have a growth mentality to get the best outcome from this point, which helps you to pursue change and never think of mistakes as disastrous. You should also have a goal to focus on through learning, and a good vision of how you want to develop.

In addition, deliberate practice is included in the learning zone, which refers to that type of purposeful practice that involves concentrated attention and is carried out with the clear objective of improving performance. This is entirely distinct from daily mindless practice that relies only on repetition.

Features of Performance Zone

  • Trying as best as you can to do things.

  • Concentrating on implementation as you focus on stuff that you have learned already.

  • Expecting errors to be minimized.

  • Giving feedback on what needs to be changed and working on it before returning to the learning zone.

Staying in the success zone maximizes our immediate performance and helps us to apply what we have learned already. It also gives us a sense of satisfaction with what we do; but spending too much time there hinders and impacts development. Here, to boost our growth and our potential results, the value of the learning zone emerges.

In short, you can achieve a balance between the two zones if you want to produce the best results ever. You should always bear in mind that there are periods for learning to prevent mistakes, and other times for making evident and material progress to perform and execute. It is a spiral; when you are trying to learn, when you are trying to perform.

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Written by   17
2 months ago
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Ok your writing is good and clear ,but I think you are making a mistake I used to make which is jumping from point to point, what you need to do is have an argument which is connected, so the readers wouldn't get confused for example starting with inequality and then jumping to learning zone doesn't make the reading enjoyable

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2 months ago

Okay. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm still a novice on writing. Sorry

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2 months ago