Basics on crypto trading

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Cryptocurrency investment is unlike investing in any other commodity. It is young, new and exciting. You witness a much stronger shift in producing a return on your investment with the correct trading approach.

To get started, first:

  • Choose a reputable crypto exchange: A crypto exchange is where cryptocurrencies are bought, exchanged and traded

  • Choose a currency, . You may want to invest in one of the better-known currencies with a high market cap, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, if you're new to the market.

Things to keep in mind

There are some key points to keep in mind about the crypto-currency market when you consider your plan.

The market is highly volatile

In a matter of days, it's normal to see fluctuations of 20-30 percent in a coin's value.

Blockchain technology is new and evolving

The fact that the technology behind it (blockchain) is new and evolving is a factor behind the uncertainty of the crypto sector. If the value of technology rises for sectors outside the marketplace of cryptocurrencies, so does the value of the currency.

Only invest money you can afford to lose

Currency prices are fast moving up and down. Hacks and bugs that decrease in value in unpredictable ways will affect blockchains and cryptocurrencies. There are fluctuations in the standard stock market, but if you keep your positions and make good choices, it is difficult to see large losses over time. But the chance of losing cash is much greater with cryptocurrencies. Play it safely.

Do your own research: #DYOR

This applies to every form of investment, but it is especially important for cryptocurrencies. Study the currencies that you are considering purchasing to ensure that they fulfill your investment targets, while still becoming businesses that you support your task. Note, an investment in a cryptocurrency, as well as an investment in blockchain technology, is an investment in the business that produces it.

Avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Cryptocurrencies have a lot of hype. This can result in individuals purchasing coins at a high price, only to lose money if the value of the currency decreases. Don't invest in a currency just because the hype around it is massive.

Diversify your portfolio

There are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies on the market, and you can make decisions about which coins to invest in. But it's advisable to have some stable bets along with any riskier investments you want to make, just like with stocks.

Take profits at intervals

If you closely watch the market for cryptocurrencies, you can see that prices can at any time increase and decrease. You may want to see if the value would increase any further if you're doing short-term trading and see a big increase in value. What goes up, however, must fall down. So you increase the risk that you'll see steady returns by setting up a plan where you take profits at regular intervals.

Long-term trading

A individual may rely on historical data to make a decision when using a long-term trading strategy for investing in the stock market. Since there is only a small amount of data available, it is not always the case with cryptocurrencies.

However, individuals who tend to do long-term trading evaluate that data along with more recent and current market behavior to predict how a cryptocurrency will do in the long-run.

The strategy may be particularly useful for investing in cryptocurrencies that have been around for a couple of years.

Short-term trading

The opposite approach to long term investing is taken by short-term trading. In a short period of time, it helps to achieve a return on an investment. Ideally, you are saving, the price is rising, you are selling for profit.

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis is a method of evaluating a currency using historical volume and price data to investigate factors relevant to prices of similar assets in the past and present marketplace.

Basically, it is an approach focused on the premise that the future will be predicted by the past, so it uses an asset's past output to forecast how a stock will do in the future.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis attempts to define the worth of a currency on the basis of the project's fundamentals.

The difficulty of applying basic research to cryptocurrencies is that companies are not cryptocurrencies. They do not have financial statements that are public. Their sustainability is based on the strength of the network population.

By searching for our project whitepaper, which will outline priorities and features, you can begin fundamental research. You may also check for material, such as Reddit, on the cryptocurrency blog or other community forums.

The development of a crypto-currency investment strategy does not guarantee success. You need to keep up-to-date on the evolving market and any related news, periodically execute your plan, and make sure you make the best possible, most educated decisions.

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