Microstrategy Board of Directors to be Paid in Bitcoin | HUGE PRICE PREDICTION by Cathie Wood

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Hello everyone, welcome to BudgetHolics! In this video I’ll share my thoughts on Michael Saylor’s announcement that all Microstrategy non-employee members of the Board of Directors will be paid in Bitcoin.

A number of athletes are, or have requested to be paid in bitcoin:

Some artists have also sought to be paid in bitcoin:

Not to mention what is going on with smaller cryptocurrencies and the NFT space.

Earlier today, Michael Saylor tweeted that the Board of Directors of Microstrategy will now be paid in Bitcoin.

In his tweet he included an 8-K form which reads:

Cathie Wood said on CNBC that the 60/40 rule is dead. Due to the amount of cash being printed and the low interest rates, according to Wood, a  60/20/20 allocation would be optimal, in Equities, Bonds and Bitcoin, accordingly. Ray Dalio also said that it is “crazy to own bonds” right now.

Michael Saylor, on a Bloomberg Interview said that  “When you can generate 5-6% short term interest in treasuries and the cost of capital is 7% you could take a -2% yield. When that became -5% people got through it. In 2020, the cost of capital rose to 25% due to monetary expansion.. That’s turning up the heat and causing everyone to realise that conventional strategies are broke. bitcoin yields a much higher return and it’s the best overall store of value

Microstrategy has purchased 91 bitcoin todate. At $60,300 the current price at which I’m recording that video, their investment is currently worth $5.5 bn.

On February, Tesla also announced they bought $1.5bn worth of bitcoin. In late march, they announced that they are now accepting BTC payments, and that the bitcoin they receive will not be converted back to USD. They’re operating their own nod, and they appear to be committing to bitcoin’s long term potential. 

Other Cathie Wood favorites, such as SQuare, also have significant bitcoin holdings. If you want to learn more about cathie wood’s top 10 holdings, check out a review of her portfolio.

Where does this lead us in terms of price?

Cathie Wood, in ARK invest’s big ideas 2021 presentation states that if S&P 500 institutions were to allocate 10% of their holdings into bitcoin, this would lead to a price of $500k per coin. If they were to allocate 1% of their holdings, this would make BTC go around $80k. 

Since I released the price prediction video, bitcoin’s Market Cap has increased from $800bn to $1Trillion. And that’s only 1.5 months ago. 

The microstrategy announcement falls in line with the ever increasing commitment by institutional investors and big money. 

Coinbase Going public on Wednesday will also further increase crypto legitimacy and awareness.

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