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Managing Emotions in Conscious Crypto

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8 months ago

The most important asset you have in all things crypto is your mind!  The analytics, understanding risk, and making decisions are all part of the equation.  Even further and arguably more important is the element of Managing Emotions in Conscious Crypto.


When It Comes To Crypto...

Welcome to this daily download where we look at Conscious Crypto.

Everyone has a different take on things.  That is part of the beauty of this entire ecosystem.  Sovereignty, Spirituality and Prosperity.  The bigger question is how do we reach that level and what is Conscious Crypto?

Having touched on this topic in different articles in this blog, there has been a recurring theme about there will always be those that are strictly focused on the percentages and returns.  Make no mistake they are important.  The order is important.

If you focus on Sovereignty, Spirituality and Prosperity will that lead to higher returns?  Absolutely!  The difference is ever so slight in the beginning yet the results are profound. Whether it is an adjustment of moving from a state of lack to a state of abundance or adding gratitude to your daily modus operandi the impact will be felt far beyond your just your pocketbook.


The Test

When it comes to your overall success and more importantly, longevity in the crypto space, how do you recharge? Charting for hours, planning entries and exits as well as researching new and exciting projects all take focus and energy in addition to managing a portfolio.  How do you keep the tanks full of fuel?

Here's something that all of you can do or begin doing on a regular basis.  Just like some households have a screen free Saturday or Sunday, there is tremendous value in taking a break from your tech.

Personally, I learned this lesson recently while on an end of summer vacation before everyone heads back to school and into the new norm grind that we are experiencing every day in all types of different ways.

The challenge to myself was that I needed a detox from my technology.  No ledger, no access to my wallets, block explorers or anything else that would otherwise distract me.  Of course there's a little prep work needed before hand.  No open positions and securing all of your hard items.

3 Days!

It took about 3 days before coming to a place of calm where I wasn't overly concerned about being able to make a move, hedge or protect positions and in fact there was a net % increase in the process.  Go figure.


The Lesson Learned

The big takeaway from this whole experience... manage your emotions. The rational response to the initial reactions and emotions was what mattered most.  Being able to recognize that we are programming ourselves even on a daily basis is something incredibly powerful.

When we don't recognize what we are doing, we end up going with the flow, of which the results can be detrimental overall.  It was shocking to see the emotional and even physical responses that came with the breakaway but after a couple days the reboot was priceless.

The clarity of thought and purpose as well improvement of ability to be intentional, truly intentional was through the roof.  I'm not sure if this is something that would have occurred without sequestering the family in a remote location with minimal connectivity but in the end I see this is something that should happen more frequently, with intention.

How ever you go about rebooting or recharging, it is important understand the consequences of not.  Then after that, being intentional about what you do next. Those are the foundational steps in your journey of conscious crypto.



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Written by   33
8 months ago
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