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How to Reach 1000 Followers on Publish0x

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1 year ago

The very first article I ever wrote on Publish0x was terrifying. I had just started spending time as a writer, which is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but have let that pesky notion of fear rule the day.  Then all of a sudden something happened and I want to share it with as many as possible; How to Reach 1000 Followers on Publish0x.


1000 Followers on Publish0x

When I wrote the first article in 2020 I knew that I needed to "just start", then go from there.  So that's exactly what I did and it has been a learning process and journey ever since.

Now that I have hundreds of writings under my belt on various platforms and been blessed with 1000 followers on Publish0x, I want to share with you some of the nuggets that in my opinion have made this happen.

If you are just starting out, take note & if you are an OG in this space, you're feedback on what has worked for you and what you do differently is always appreciated.  

So let's dive in and see what we can find.


Add Value

First and foremost, I have tried to add value with every article that I have written.  I don't know about you, but I have searched for information on every topic from cooking to sports and always am shocked at the level of incongruence between titles, content and information.

There is some experimentation for sure in terms of a title and how it links to your content.  A great publisher said once;

people don't by books they buy titles

While that may be true and will move the needle a little quicker, I find there is something which supersedes the title and that is adding value.  

If you add value to the reader, more readers will follow

So whether it's a tip about the wallet or a new project you've found, if you are discussing a different angle, approach or concept and intend to add value, you're sure to be a highly read author on Publish0x.


Work Consistently

You will find that many of these topics overlap, yet they are individual on many levels.  So when you start thinking about or continuing on your authoring journey on Publish0x, there is something to be said about working consistently with your craft.

Maybe you don't have a niche right away.  That's ok.  I know that everyday I am finding a different level of angle of my perspective.  That's what makes us human.  The thing is you need to be consistent on some levels.  Whether it's you're opening paragraph or you time of the day you write or actually publish.  

The more consistency you have in certain aspects of your work, you will find the quality as well as reception by your readers to improve as well.

Some authors have a certain time they work and clock it that way.  For novice and pro's alike, a handy tool that I like to use is picking your topic and setting the countdown timer on my phone.  I'll set it for 10, 15 or maybe even 30 minutes depending on the day and just write until the timer goes off.

Here's a pro tip with this approach.  There will be times that the words are just not flowing.  If you are typing and hit a block.  You can just type a trigger word for yourself.  Maybe it's "flow".  If you just type flow over and over, eventually the words will begin to flow.


Be Diligent About Your Content

There are several facets when it comes to your content.  Nothing that should trip you up or be an obstacle to just getting after it and writing, but an over arching diligence about your content is really important.  By that, we can break it down in several bullets.

  • Use spell check or grammar check - Even if you have gone through and published and for some reason you find an edit which is needed.  Go back and edit it.  Your readers will thank you.  I'm a one person show and find mistakes and sometimes find mistakes after I've hit the publish button. 

  • Adopt an approach of always improving - Writing consistently and diligently is such a rewarding activity and on many levels can be therapeutic and fulfilling.  When you improve and more importantly, seek to improve, it will amplify the results of your work for both you and others.  Read other blogs, look at writing content guides and always be on the look out for improving how you deliver the messages in your material.

  • Spend the Time on Titles and Images - First impressions are usually difficult to recover from.  It holds true in writing and in person.  The challenge is not taking things too far that create a "click bait" type of feeling and experience for the reader.  Images are incredibly important and even if you just use a free version of Canva or some other service, having an image will help your writings exponentially.  In regards to titles, personally I have experimented with the "Emergency" at the beginning of a title and it sure seems like some of those approaches work, but keep in mind;

When Everything is an Emergency, Then Nothing is an Emergency

  • Structure is Important - Keep your readers in mind.  Think about blog articles you have written and what draws you in further and what propels you away from the content.  Long run on paragraphs can be laborious to read.  Over and underuse of italics, underlines and boldface can have unintended affects as well.  Add variety & keep it simple.


Embrace Your Readers

While there are many authors who write for clicks or views, the vast majority are in this for adding value and creating movement in communities.  Remember who you are writing for and why you are tapping away at the keyboard to begin with.

Remember your readers will go a long way in building your readership base.

My pro-tip for you in this area is respond to every single comment! 

It may seem like a chore or more work, but it is the golden egg of the whole experience.

In addition, I find that the engagement in the comments is absolutely worth every word written in a post or article.  The dialogue that can ensue is absolutely valuable and creates opportunity for every one to participate as well as expanding the perspective on the topic that has been written about.

It's important enough to say it again:  Respond to every comment.


Have a Plan

It may sound oversimplified, but having a plan will keep you moving forward.  I know when I first started with zero articles and zero subscribers the thought of having 1000 followers was absolutely daunting.  

If you look at all of the social media "gurus" out there who tell you how to gain followers there are all fo the games that people play;

  • following and unfollowing on Twitter

  • tagging or mentioning high volume influencers

  • riding the coat tails of hype in the news

The list of approaches is endless and many are shams in my opinion and are not authentic.  Adding value and being authentic will have more valuable results than simple number results overall.  

In general the plan that I started out with has remained almost the same;

  • Create 1 piece of content each business day - This is always challenging for me as there are days and have even been a week or two where I was in the dessert of content creation.  Even if you've had a break, jump right back in the saddle and get after it again.

  • 100% response to all comments - Even if the comment is saying thank you for the perspective it is important to show to others you are engaged. 

  • Identify your follower target - I started with 50, then 100, then 500, next 1000 and now 2,000

  • Participate in Publish0x contests and giveaways.

  • Share, participate and follow Publish0x social channels including Telegram & Twitter.

The plan is simple and by Q3 2021 I will have a few more bullets added to this plan as I am working on setting up a Mastermind group for followers where we can really start to go deep on crypto topics et al.


Stick To It

I have had some advice given to me in numerous places from different people in all walks of life that I want to share with you.  It's something that has always stuck with me and I hope it is as valuable to you as well.

Before sharing this nugget, I wanted to highlight an example.  It's something that I see nearly everyday and it is so apropos to this concept. 

Our dog goes wild for peanut butter and we have this kong toy that you can spoon the peanut butter inside of it.  You may have seen it at one time or another.

So the nugget is that our dog's focus is so intense that nothing can peel her away from the peanut butter once she gets going and I mean she cleans that kong toy out spic and span.  It's impressive so many levels.  The toy bounces all over, rolls down the stairs, ends up under the table, you name it.

There is nothing that will stand between her and the peanut butter.

There it is.  It's the one thing that will help you through all of your journey on Publish0x.

persistence, persistence, persistence.

In my opinion that and that alone will be the keys to your kingdom.  They will be the logs in your fire or the seed phrase to your wallet.  It's really that simple.  Persistence, persistence, persistence.

That's all we have for now.  I hope you are better for having read this and now are writing your next piece, be blessed!

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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So far I have really enjoyed the experience on Seems to be a more sophisticated community and is fantastic to be a part of it!

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1 year ago

I congratulate you because you are very right in relation to the interaction. that is the key to this whole game of being a blogger, it is necessary to create empathy and interact with all people, and Yes, I will know that I have more than 20 years doing blogs and digital content the point is that a sense of belonging and a pleasant space must be created for the person with whom we are communicating, and that simply leads us to create a sense of belonging and the person will completely continue talking to us and enjoying the experience. And that's when we create community, when we strengthen and develop ties, there the importance of what you suggest.

On the other hand I would like to publish in publishox, Because the truth is I have an account there but I don't remember the password, and for reasons of time I have not been able to dedicate myself because it also published on other platforms (steemit, hive, weku). And time is not enough for me and there are times when he was left with a headache like now. But look at you, I came here to be a simple comment and it seems that a complete blog came out, I'm very sorry I didn't mean to.

Very complete and very good your publication and from today I follow you.

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1 year ago

Thank you for taking the time to engage and share your thoughts. In my opinion this is what it's all about. I find that all of the communities have such a unique feel to them.

I have focused on (albeit recently), Publish0x, and have bounced around on a third platform from UpTrennd to a Wordpress blog.

They all have their place and like you mentioned it's a matter of time and applying your resources in the best way possible.

Thank you again for the follow and kind words. Be blessed!

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1 year ago