United Nations: Is it even relevant today?

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3 years ago

U.N or United Nation Organization was established in 1945. I wont go into its nitty gritty , offcourse you can google them anytime.

It came up as a new hope and successor to the failed League of Nations. U.N had its share of success in the past. But how far is it successful in today's geopolitical scenario.

U.N has failed in many occasions. it failed to prevent

  • Cold war

  • Yemen crisis

  • Annexation of Crimea

  • Afghanistan war

  • Syrian crisis

  • Indo- Pak war

  • Indo - China war

  • Covid-19 , SERS , MERS

  • expansionism of China

  • Rise of Terrorism

  • The ISIS

  • climate change

  • Rohingya crisis

The list goes on ....

Since 1945 the same P-5 dominate the UN security council.

U.N seems to be good at only preparing reports, research papers , indexes. But it hardly matters.

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3 years ago