Death : Punishment or a Bliss?

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Often we consider death to be an culmination of all our sins. A manifestation of justice in the end. People judge a demised person's character, his entire life based on the way he died, intensity of his death, number of people joining at his funeral.

If the death was calm and peaceful, then the person is said to have committed less sin. If the death was horrible, the person is believed to have committed terrible sins in his lifetime.

But is death really a punishment?

If we observe closely, then its life which is more or less a tedious, monotonous punishment. To live , humans have to wage a battle each and everyday.

People in underdeveloped African countries fight against odds every moment. From diseases to hunger. All odds are against them

In developing countries people have to fight for clean air, clean water , clean food. Fight against red tapism, bureacratic system.

In developed nation, the war is to safeguard its border, act as a big brother , fight against capitalism, a race to prove oneself in this dog eat dog world.

People anywhere and everywhere in the world are leading a life of punishment. Death eventually ends the punishment somehow.

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