You think your world will collapse if you lose a girl who was as beautiful as the most beautiful dream and with whom you gained so many beautiful memories. You think only the right one is the best for you and no one else exists in your life except her? Remember, my friend, one thing, there are millions of girls on this planet, she is neither the most beautiful in the world nor the best or anything. She was just that type of person and physically and nothing else. You can find better and more beautiful, because there are always girls who they want you and they are waiting to meet a young man like you, who knows how to love and what the word LOVE really means. Don't let any girl bring your smile to your face and your world that you created in your life, don't and you bring her to the bottom and you fall into a severe depression and grieve. You are not a Fool, you are not ugly nor is anyone ugly in this world. I say .So put a smile on your face and throw your head up and move on with your life as if that person didn't exist in your life

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@BrokenSoul posted 2 years ago