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Quantum Touch Instructions. Charge Batteries W. Hands!

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10 months ago

Quantum Touch is a healing technique that has unbelievably yet very provable results. Books with instructions start at $8 and the video course starts at $150.00!

But here I will give you even BETTER instructions for free! Yay....

Quantum Touch can be used for healing but it also has effects on some other things as well....

--Makes wine taste terrible

--Makes carbonated soft drinks go flat

--Makes water taste better

--Makes vegetables last longer

--Charges batteries!!

It makes Reiki look like it's not really doing anything lol. It doesn't deprive you of your own energy and it never runs out.

Quantum Touch is so easy that I could tell you how to do it in a few sentences TECHNICALLY, but if you want to do it thoroughly and powerfully you SHOULD do these other steps first. It will make a HUGE difference I promise.

ANY conscious person can do this even a five year old....

( On this webpage )

Learn how to do Quantum Touch for free without having to download a torrent or pdf. The book is way too long in my opinion anyway ;)

Learn how to charge batteries with your hands....


( I have made several changes and variations that differ from the original sets of instructions. Plus some extra techniques that will boost your energy sessions big time. )

Instructions For Learning Quantum Touch--

1-- Put all of your attention into the tip of one finger. Hold it in front of your face and just take note of how that fingertip feels. Exagerate that feeling....

How does the skin feel? Imagine the blood moving through your finger. Feel under your fingernail. The point is focused attention on your fingertip for a minute or so until you feel something 'extra' there. Like warm, tingling, electricity, vibrating, ect. Then stroke your fingertip up & down with your other finger and then with just your imagination.

(This exercise is best done with a partner but don't have to.)

2-- Lightly stroke upward, from your feet to your shins with your fingers for a second or 2. Then imagine the same without the touch. If you are having a hard time imagining the feeling then do real touch a few more times and if still nothing then just move on it's not essential just helpful....

Continue up the body, stroking knees, thighs, hips, stomach, chest, neck, and up to the top of the head. Then down the head to shoulders, arms, and finally the hands. You don't have to do the back of the body because it's really about just letting the river of energy flow the right direction.

Some simply aren't able to 'feel' energy moving through their body at first and even for weeks or months but that doesn't mean they are running less energy.

(If working alone, touch your own body sweeping upwards for a few seconds. Then imagine without touch and repeat several times.)

3-- Graduate to doing the 'sweeps' in 2 parts only 1 for up to the head and 2 for out the hands. If you feel more comfortable just doing longer sections of the body first that is fine. You want to end up feeling like you have electricity moving slow motion through you lasting about 5 or so seconds.

4-- Do full body 'sweeps' just in your mind over and over trying to eventually make it a non-stop motion up and out of your body. Do this until it is easy for you. As you're doing this have your hands lightly closed at first until you feel energy building up in your hands. The do it for a while with open hands.

5-- Breath moving with the energy amplifies the energy, and this is meant in an extreme way. It will strengthen the energy at least ten to fifty times over. Breath in for up the body and out for head to out the hands.

6-- Once you have that feeling like second nature you need to time each cycle of breath. Choose any pattern that is comfortable to you. Imgine that the air itself is the energy and is moving through you. Do as full breaths as is reasonable. But breath involving the stomach.

Examples :

1.-- 2-6 Breath

For boosting the energy during your session. Two counts for the in and six counts for out.

2.-- 4-4 Breath

For standard breathing for session. I doesn't really matter how long you choose for in or out as long as you are consistent enough to call it a pattern.

3.-- Fire Breath my favorite

(I modified this part as well as several other parts of the instructions so some things here and there will be different. Most changs are there because it just works better for me in my end results. My fire breathing is WAY better btw.)

Breath really fast not even having to take full breaths like you're hyperventilating but only need to do this for about 10 to 15 seconds. Remember how the air is the energy? You're not having to move the energy at this time because you're just building up the energy just in your body. Then after the last fast breath, tae one or two full short or medium breaths without moving energy still. then with 1 final exhale you're SHOOTING all of the built up energy out of your hands all at once....

This will almost always get a reaction out of your client. S0mething like....

"Woe, just got hot under your hands" or "It tingles"

Sometimes rappid healing can cause some pain but it doesn't last long and afterwards it's worth it. Tis typically happens when you are working on broken bones or after surgery especially with implants.

With this technique broken bones have been known to completely heal in less than 1 hour!



Typical session --

- Ask them to rate their pain

- Surround problem area with your hands

(important to have your hands RELAXED or won't flow out)

- Run every for 5 to 10 minutes & tell them if they feel that warm feeling happening somewhere else then move to that spot.

- Ask for new rating this helps you estimate how long you will need for whole session.




Energy effects other things too--

Makes wine taste terrible

Makes carbonated soft drinks go flat

Makes water taste better

Makes vegetables last longer

Charges batteries!!

Energy speeds up your metabolism. So make sure you're not hungry when you start.

Energy healing can trigger emotional healing and they might get upset at first but if they can just bare through it, tat will be healed too.

Energy has a detox effect.

For small areas you can point on either side and have energy come out of your fingers

Energy works the very fast on alignments. Fastest on Cranial alignment like for after a concussion. Ask them to keep their eyes open because sometimes their vision can flip upside down then correct itself within a few seconds. Very crooked hips can be completely straitened in 2 to 5 minutes.

Entire spine like for Scoliosis can be straitened from jst 3 to 15 minutes.

Energy can feel like many things or nothing. Warm, hot, cold, tingly, ticke, ect.

Ironically it's more important for you to be relaxed than the client because energy doesn't flow well through stiffness.

When you are new at this and you need healing too, it could make you fall asleep because you're benefiting too. This is usually okay because when you fall asleep doing this with the intention of keeping it up, you will continue to run energy in your sleep unless for some reason your body changes position dramatically. Some people say it's better after the person is asleep lol. After several sessions though it will have the opposite effect and you'll have a hard time going to sleep right after.

MAKE your client hydrate themselves BEFORE! If not, they can feel depleted or really crappy after because their body is using the energy to heal but is also using oxygen and water and minerals as well.

Energy flows through any types o materials except for leather. Energy can also be done remotely at large distances. (if they aren't wearing leather.)

Just loosely hold your hands together and imagine problem area between your hands.


Energy on Steroids lol --

(I healed a freshly torn muscle in 5 minutes over 80% healed went from poking out about an inch to completely flat from being re-attached with very little pain left.... This is how I got that good.)

At night before going to sleep do the same process as running energy but do it without the breathing. AND instead of a few seconds you want to spend a whole minute to several minutes on every section of your body. Even better inch by inch. It helps to spin the energy for each area. Do this until the energy is felt strongly in that area before moving on. Some areas may not respond so just guess.

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Written by   37
10 months ago
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