Willie Wonka And His Chocolate Factory - Part One

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Chocolate is made for sharing. Was in the kitchen setting up the Chocolate Factory and decided to take some photos and share with all the chocolate minded people on Publish0x.

This is not my first chocolate coated post.

Recipe For A Healthy Guilt Free Chocolate

Published March 16 2020 after making a promise to @Sugarfix to share the recipe. Apparently @Sugarfix liked his chocolate a bit too much.

Cacao Beans

To make modern day chocolate, the Cacao beans are separated into Cacao Butter and Cacao Powder. 

When I was in Peru, I was lucky to be able to attend a Chocolate Making Workshop at the Chocolate Museum in Cusco. There we roasted the beans and then ground the beans until it formed a paste. The paste was stirred for 2 days and become liquid, then was poured to moulds.

Cacao As Medicine

To the indigenous Aztec people, cacao was consumed as a drink called "chikolatl" and held great cultural and medicinal significance. The Aztec believed that cacao was a divine elixir and was a gift from the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

In the 16th century Cikiolatl was introduced from the Americas to Europe.

John Cadbury a devote Quaker started making Cocoa Drinking Powder in 1824 and was promoted for its medicinal properties. John was awarded a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria, allowing him and his two sons George and Richard to start extracting the cacao liquid from the cacao butter, in turn manufacturing their first chocolate bars.

It was much later the chocolate became a common confectionary. Modern factory made chocolate now has 90% less goodness than the original raw chocolate. Mainly due to the production process where heat destroys most of the goodness.

The Raw Chocolate Ingredients

Raw Organic Cacao Powder

We buy this locally from Roar Foods and they source the powder from Ecuador. Note - it is a 3kg bag not 400gm.

Raw Organic Cacao Butter

The Raw Organic Cacao Butter comes from Peru.

When I was in Peru I went in to a local Farmacia to get something to treat a cold sore that was developing on my lip. I was trying to explain what I wanted and he kept handing a small tablet wrapped in foil. Similar to the ones that restaurants some times serve butter. After numerous attempts I eventually gave up and took the foil tablet. Turned out it was Cacao butter inside. Applied it to my lips and within a few days the cold sore had disappeared.

Cacao Butter has many uses besides adding to your diet.

While the Cacao Butter does not add much flavour to the chocolate flavour your in chocolate, it does have a chocolately aroma. Try rubbing the Cacao butter on your left arm and Cacao Powder on the right arm. The left arm smells like chocolate. Warning - Do not try this in the presence of small kids and animals, as they may start licking or chewing your left arm.

Raw Organic Ground Vanilla Beans

Once again it is Raw and Organic. This is not an essential ingredient but adds a discreet flavour.

Cold Pressed (Raw)Organic Agave Syrup

There are two types blue and salmiana. Agave Syrup typically contains 80% fructose and 20% glucose. Due to its higher fructose content, Agave Syrup has less of an impact on blood glucose levels than most other sugars.

My wife prefers our chocolate made with Maple Syrup but she is overseas and I am free to make chocolate how and when I like. 

Note - there are major differences in viscosity between Maple and Agave Syrups. And this affects the amount heat needed (time) to make your chocolate.

Other Ingredients To Taste

You do not need to add any other ingredients to make chocolate but you can experiment and let your imagination run wild.

Chocolate Rough

I usually add coconut chips into the chocolate liquid. Then spoon the mixture into the moulds with a teaspoon and press down with the spoon to remove air bubbles. This was once my wife's and nieces favourite.

Fruit And Nut

One of my favourites is Dried Cranberry (gluten free) and Pepita and Sunflower Seeds. They are placed in the mould and chocolate poured over the top. The mould is later vibrated to remove any air bubbles but that is only me being OCD. And I will sometimes place a piece of Brasil Nut on top. 

This was my staple when doing FiFo nightshift. 4 pieces at start of 12 hour shift, and 4 pieces at each 4 hour break. This kept me alert at night and also helped me sleep during the day. Allowed me to avoid the negative effects of coffee.

Note - A lot of dried fruit contains gluten as they put flour on the conveyor belts to prevent sticking. So look for gluten free or sun dried is usually gluten free.


I don't know why it took me so long to work out putting soft liquorice inside the chocolate takes it to another level. Because I was always a fan of chocolate centred liquorice logs. Note - not all soft liquorice is created equal. 

Mango and Cranberry

My wife's and nieces new time favourite. We use sun dried Mango (gluten free) cut into small pieces, placed in  the mould. Found the softer the better otherwise the mango is too hard to chew. Then sun dried cranberries (gluten free) are place on top.

Chocolate Blueberries

We only use fresh Blueberries and place 2 in each mould and pour the liquid chocolate over the top. Suggest you only make enough for immediate consumption. As they do not keep very long. 

The END 

Not quite the end. There is going to be a part two which will detail the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory's production and mention some of the health benefits of eating Raw Chocolate.

P.S. The chocolate can melt at room temperature so is stored in the fridge. This is the reason it literally melts in your mouth or hand for that matter.

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