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Who to trust

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5 months ago


If you can meet the perfect one who known beyond what you think to say before he/she,that always brings in a woe,because it looks like the relationship is not well balanced. Let's talk about having a simple living life with our partners, if we all looks and do no wise before each order,that can bring a trust.

I trusted you but your action and words shows that you play behind me,because you always sound like one.

But the one who tells the fact even when it hot to say is in love and ready to move on with may feel somewhat because he/she says YES to what he/she does that makes you blue, but just to put a trust on him/her.

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Don't trust anyone from your heart. Because one day everyone will go away. What i do everytime is.. I keep low my expectations because i believe sooner or later everyone should leave

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5 months ago

Hm... To an extent this was quite abstract because I didn't quite get the whole picture but what I did get is someone who truly loves you would tell you the truth no matter what.

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5 months ago