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Ladies Advice.

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6 months ago
  • .The beauty of a woman can take her to the palace, but only her attitude will determine how long she is gonna stay in the palace.

  • Beauty attract men but character keep them.

  • Sex can bring pleasure but it can not bring love.

  • Being sexy without good characters Will not get you a husband rather a boy friend.

  • Sex can makes a man stay with you over night, but can't make him stay with you for life.

  • Finally is how you dress that men will address you.

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As a lady, I agree to it because you are talking to the attitude and personality but the last part? "Finally is how you dress that men will address you" being respected is not measure on how women should dress, I guess you can understand me here. Guys should know how to respect us, women, regardless of what we wear.

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6 months ago

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6 months ago