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How we can Multiply our Assets?....

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1 month ago

Before reading my article, you need to know about following important events.

  1. Happy BCH Anniversary to all of you from Crypto World

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"There is high risk involvement in Cryptocurrency. You can be winner for first time and can be loser for second time. But without risk you can't be rich."

Hello to all Leofinance Experts and Learners. Today I want to write about a method which can help us to Multiply on our assets. I always follow this quote from Crypto Whales for which there is no need of education.

"Buy Low and Sell High."

After reading my article you will be able to get primary education about following topics.

  1. Why Binance is the best platform for Newbie to take a start for their investment?.

  2. How after investment we can multiply our assets?

  3. My experience when I switched on trading on Binance.

Why Binance is the best platform for Newbie to take a start for their investment?.

Binance is top best platform for exchange of your cryptocurrencies into fiat and fiat into cryptocurrencies. Moreover it is providing other best oppurtunities for passive income like trading,NFTs Market, Staking, Auto investment tool and all the essential guide for a good starter. When I installed Binance I was totally confused how I can make a good start but the way it's helping material like videos and article before anything made me able to do a trade with 90% probability of profit. Anyway It is my top recommendations must give a try to Binance for your future.

How after investment we can multiply our assets?

As I already had explained above, Binance is providing Trading, NFTs market and Auto investment tool by giving interest on your assets.
Now a days, I am enjoying spot Trading so I shall give you guide about it. Spot Trading has five following options.

  • Limit Order

  • Market Order

  • Limit stop

  • Trailing stop

  • OCO

I shall recommend you limit order, limit stop and oco.

Limit Order:

For limit order, you need to make a bid for buying or selling of your crypto. It will limitize your trading at fixed value you litsed there. For example if BCH is trading at 845$ and you want to sell your BCH at 850$, then you can list it on Binance through Limit order. When price of BCH will reach at 850$, it automatically completed your order and you will get the price you want.

Stop Limit:

I used the word Stop Loss in selling as a replacement for stop limit. As when you made an order with stop Limit. It will be able sell your assets at the lowest value you want. For example I bought BCH at 345$ and I want to hold it without any significant loss. Then I shall made an order with stop limit at 340$. In case If value of BCH dumped to 340$, it automatically will sell your BCH.


It is double mood order. Here you can set two buy or two sell orders spontaneously. I mostly used this when I am going to sleep and want to make my trade more safe. For example I bought BCH at 340$ and it is pumping,I am hopeful it will pump at a price of 360$ after observing candles and charts carefully. Then I shall make my order between 335$ as lowest sell value and 360$ as highest sell value.

My experience when I switched on trading on Binance.

I got a fantastic experience of trading after stormgain bitter experience with huge loss of my assets of 200$ 😂. Now I am enjoying trading with help of tools. I started trading again three days ago, now Alhamdolilah I got a little bit profit of 4$ that is enough at least when you reside in underdeveloped county and your each Penny is important for you.

Final Thoughts:

Although we are blogger but we should learn about other ways of earning to support our monthly income and target. Without risk we can't succeed in our life. We should take risk after getting learning. It will made us able to decide wisely. Binance is top best platform but you can find other platforms as well like Coinbase, Coingecko etc. I trust on any platform where my Assets are in safe mood. Although Binance is centralized platform but believe me it works like decentralized platforms giving us maximum protection and privacy.

Thanks for reading and Supporting my post.

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Written by   109
1 month ago
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I would still suggest if you are long term holder, hold in Dex wallets but for a day to day trader, Binance is obviously the best one in the market. Still, I hate it sometimes because two times it has cause me withdrawal issues as when I wanted to take my withdrawal for emergency need there withdrawal service was suspended. I think I got a bit of unlucky there, haha.

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1 month ago

Sorry to hear it happened with you brother. I am good trader so I have this option.

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1 month ago

I remember when I installed binance on my phone, everything look zigzag but when I came to understand it, it became my easiest trading Platform. I know of a friend that till now still find binance confusing and complicated 🤣

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1 month ago

It is quite funny, zigzag charts sometimes create complexity for others. Don't worry and be happy with Binance if you want to make trade.

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1 month ago

Although I'm a little older Cryptocurency user and trader as well, but your content added into my knowledge about spot trading. ❤️

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1 month ago

It was great appreciation and satisfaction for me. I needed this sort of response and love.

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1 month ago