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BORTUS - Water 2/6 - Decoupage!

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1 year ago

Hi guys, here we are at the second appointment dedicated to the six Summoners of Splinterlands one of the most beautiful games built on Blockchain.

We broke up last week with Alric Stormbringer The summoner capable of increasing magic damage to friendly cards. After a long chat where he told me secrets, which I cannot reveal, and the mysteries of the island of the WATER element, AZMARE ', he advised me to go west to the beach near PALACE OF ELD, he advised me to visit it for her beauty but she advised me not to go there at night because BORTUS wanders around at night, his alter ego always angry because bullied at school :).

This Summoner is able to deprive those he meets of strength and just the time to place my tripod and my camera here is a dazzling light that of his headlight.

Afraid I hid behind a rock hoping he wouldn't see me and luckily it went well and I managed to take the picture of this dangerous SUmmoner too.

This Summoner with his trident that almost involuntarily hit me due to its length is a RARE monster capable of dropping the enemy's magical forces by one. Its MANA cost is only three.

The full video lasts about 4 hours has been brought to just over 10 minutes by speeding up some parts to x2 up to a maximum of x50 is the fourth made of seven elements.
The images are taken from the Splinterlands game.
Recorded and edited by blumela with iPhone 12.
Applications used: Perfect Video - Photoleap - Clip2Comics - Tinipiny Camera.

For this SUMMONER I used the free sample music from the copyright-free Perfect Video application.


  • Wooden board 29cm x 21cm

  • Nails

  • Twine

  • White paint

  • Glue

  • Glossy protective paint



As always for this work, I found the centre of the table, created a circle of seventeen centimetres and drew a frame standing half a centimetre from the edge.
I then created a thickness of one centimetre and using it I made a point every centimetre in the circle while on the frame a point every 1.5 centimetres.
The points will help me know where to place the nails to have them equidistant from each other.


I hammered the nails into each point on both the rim and the frame and finally painted everything white.


I printed the image on an almost transparent thirty gram paper inside a seventeen-centimetre circle, cut it out and glued it in the middle of the circle.
Once the glue was dry I painted the image with a glossy protective varnish.


I intertwined all the nails passing around each one once clockwise and then counterclockwise with the blue string.
Once the whole frame has been made or the string has been pulled a little randomly between the nails of the frame and that of the circle until it is almost completely covered.


If you haven't tried this game yet my advice is to do it this is my link referral you can use the link if you like it or not but the point is always the one game to try! :-)

If you don't like using it;) below !.

Have fun and see you in Battle !!


The photos are taken by the author and images from the Splinterlands game or the Splinterlands source unless otherwise indicated.

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Written by   21
1 year ago
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