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This Feature Can Save Life

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5 months ago

When we find a problem in a certain situation we begin to think and start to find a solution.

In our everyday lives we always have problems or issues with our daily activities. Whether it is simple or big trouble, we can't stop ourselves from worrying. Sometimes these problems will cause a lot of stress and for some unfortunate circumstances it can lead to serious physical injury.

Let me share with you first a scenario that happened to me the other day. When I came home from the office and parked my motorcycle in my small garage, I noticed that the side-stand was not shut off. It appears that I traveled 50km on the hi-way with my motorcycle side-stand still on.

This case always happens to me. I am always forgetful and sometimes some concerned driver would remind me about it while on the road. But the last time, I wasn’t sure if I had released it back or not because for sure somebody on the road would have noticed it and tell me to shut my side stand off.

What if no one will notice it or nobody wants to care? Can you imagine the possible danger? I realized that I would be in a really bad situation right now if some unfortunate event happened due to that.  Good thing I was able to go home safe.

So from then on I started to think of a solution to my forgetfulness when it comes to motorcycle side stand issues. I have come to an idea about adding a switch to the stand so that the motor cycle would not start if the side-stand is on. Then the engine would turn off upon releasing the side-stand when about to park.

I started searching on Google if somebody had already come up with that idea. You know most motorcycle brands don't have that feature, only a few for some models. I have found several videos on YouTube and started to make my own DIY side-stand-kill-switch.

One thing that I disagree with on their DIY side stand switch is how they mount it. Some glued it and others used cable-tie.

First things first, the reason why we add such features in our motorcycle is for safety measures. Since the switch will be placed underneath, there is always a possibility that the switch will soak with water during rainy days or upon washing the motorcycle. In due time, the glue will not last and will result in an accident if it fell off while on the road. The engine will surely stop. As for the cable-tie the switch will not have a fixed mounting, it will move for sure due to the vibration.

So my own version is to mount it firmly with bolts and nuts. I prefer to use a type of switch that is kind of heavy duty. I wanted it to be durable and safe.

Below are a series of photos about my DIY side-stand-kill-switch that I can only show you. I am still editing the videos for my tutorial.

limit switch with roller

switch with bolts and nuts fixed to a bracket
wiring the switch and testing

mounting the switch underneath
functional DIY side stand kill switch in off position
side stand release off switch on

So that’s it for my DIY side-stand-kill-switch. I hope you learned something out of it. Please note that this is for educational purposes only and for my own personal way of saving myself from a possible road accident.

Remember that I am doing this for my own safety and if you will try adding this feature to your motorcycle too, make sure that it will function well.

You can share this to your friends and family members that you care for, especially those with motorcycles.

Always remember safety first, be a responsible driver.

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Written by   212
5 months ago
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You always surprise me bro when it comes to functional DIY. Unfortunately wala akong motor kuya

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5 months ago

no worries bro you can share this free information to your friends or relatives.

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5 months ago