Splinterlands art contest week #260 (cornealus)

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2 months ago

Every week I post an entry for Splinterlands art contest this week i drew the card called cornealus .

So basically this character looks like a floating giant eyeball so i firstly as always sketched an eyeball out with veins popping out and inside the eyeball .

Next instead of doing outlines and lineart this time i chose to just make everything as i see shapes so i made a big white circle and the veins too with a purple color and some veins in the eyeball too with a more maroon shade.


Now for the eye lense i just made a lilac circle and a black pupil within it and then i shaded the eye ball with a slight dull lilac and an airbrush and also added red shading under the eye veins next i shaded the iris with different dark and light shades of purple and guassian blurred it added some highlights on top of the eye to make it look glossy and glowy .

Here is the final result ❤️

I hope you like it

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2 months ago