Splinterlands art contest week #255 ( Lira the Dark)

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3 months ago
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So for this week the character im drawing is "Lira the dark " so her aura is like a very dark fem queen and she loves jewelry . Kinda like Ursula but better.

So i first sketched a character . This week I'm trying some variations with my art style i went for a more cartoony style like the old Daria cartoon and i made her body really curvy with that big eyes nd luscious pillow lips next i drew a leather dress on her after that here was my finished sketch and then i digitally converted it into a lineart on my phone in an app called Medibang paint pro .

So i actually had to redraw the jewelry and refine the lineart again because the jewelry of this character tells alot about her persona .

I filled flat colors in her skin and dress and hair every thing on a different layer after this i shaded her skin by clipping another layer on top the shading was done using a water color wet brush then i guassian blurred it . Same way i shaded her clothes .

After wards i painted her eyes with minor minimalistic details like the shine in her eyes and the lips being more pouty and contoured

So this week for hair i used another technique that mostly i see in old comics i drew every strand of hair with pen sharp brush this gives it a more detailed hair look

Now for the fun part as i love painting jewelry and metallic pieces here i firstly filled her neck piece and earrings with a silver and a golden color and next i shaded the jewelry with three different tones of the same color so it looks metallic and has a shiny lustre after that i added rubies with my custom ruby brush and thats for the jewelry

So i also painted her sleeves that had like a silver wire work and the buttons on her corset . I also added buckles to her knee high leather boots . After this i added a gradient purple blue background now Lira has this bug red lightening around her and to draw that i used zigzag pattern with my pen sharp brush duplicated the layer and set it to add and guassian blurred it this way it looks like its glowing .

After that because the lightening has its own glow the light will also highlight some parts of body and i highlighted them with red and then i added a light blue highlight to the other side with a blue shade and TBH her leather dress looked stunning this way.

Here is the final look

Thank you for your precious time and support ❤️ i hope you liked it

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3 months ago
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