Splinterlands art contest week #254 (quix the devious)

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3 months ago

This week for my entry i drew the Splinterlands card named Quix the devious the character is like a Reptilian boy that likes juggling knives .

So i drew the sketch first in my style on a paper i made sure to include all the key parts and how the costumes are .

Next what i did is i refined the sketch into a lineart using an drawing app in my phone .

After converting the sketch digitally i started adding flat colors to the illustration the skin was a more Pale dull blue and the costume looked like a medieval thief like Ali baba .

After this i started shading every part with a darker shade with a water color wet brush and guassian blurred it . Next i made sure to shade the golden Accents accurately as the gold should look metalic so that meant i hade to shade and highlight the golden part multiple times not only on the costume but the knife too.

I also added highlights to his eyes and buckles on the shirt. Finally i added gradient to the background and here is the final look .

How do you like it?

Also to all my Pakistani follower Happy Independence day to you all a independence day illustration is to be uploaded very soon.

Thanks for your precious time and support ❤️

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3 months ago