Splinterlands art contest #268 (Giant Scorpion )

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1 week ago
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Here I'm again with my entry for this week's Splinterlands art contest.

This week I went for a more holographic glowy character and that's why I drew the "Giant Scorpion" card .

A little description about the card is that the character is a Giant Scorpion that has a shiny dark body that just reflects the neon light . Also that the scorpion is a Giant man eating monster because we can see bones scattered around and a skull too .

I kept all these details in mind and sketches it out on a paper I did see some scorpion poses for this , Then I just made some bones so the scorpion looks giants and that was for my initial exploration sketch.

After that I converted the sketch into a digitally inked line art . I also made a pallet with some dark green , burnt sage and black color for the scorpion and some vivid colors like teal , magenta , neon green and shocking pink for the holographic line art and glow . I also had chosen a full yellow color for the bones .

I began by filling in flat colors for this I used the darker green for the base and the lighter sage shade for the highlights on the body I also added some.dark color shading too according to the light source I had in my mind

No I clipped a layer on top of the line art and just made a gradient with all the vivid neon colors so the line art looks holographic . I duplicated this layer on tob of my base and set the layer on Hard light mode .

After this I added se neon highlights on top of the scorpion so it looks like a really glowy holographic ,shiny Scorpion.

Now I added eyes to the scorpion . And colored the bones even the line art , I then added a dark gradient to the background and chose navy blue as an ambient color set that to saturation .

I also made some other color adjustments and added my water mark to the illustration and here is the final Result .

I love the art Challenge . It has taught me so much in such a little time .

Thank you for your precious time and support ❤️

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1 week ago
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