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Scallops raw or cooked what was the prompt

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3 months ago

Inktober Day 4


Inktober Day 4 prompt was a scallop now i thought what should i draw like the scallops you cook or like a shell n then i got an idea to make this lil thing although i don't know if scallops too have pearls or nah. But here was the try 😂♥️

First i did some shading with the pencils blended it with a cotton stump.

The ink process is always messy and this time i worked nicely then the paper some how got blotched 😥 anyway its still better than usual so im happy

The digital version was great i added a little background too with a seamless sea pattern and look how cute this pearl looks asleep 🥺♥️

Apps used Medibang

Time it took 1 hour

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Written by   48
3 months ago
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I am relieved to see your drawing. It is not a very easy task but you have completed it properly. I am very inspired by you.

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3 months ago