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Mung bean salad

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2 months ago

Being vegan is expensive?

Is it though ?

Let's make a Healthy water rich protein filled salad that has Vitamin C too

You need a cup of boiled mung beans , a cucumber , a tomato , 2 green chillies , a lemon that's all that's freaking all

First grate the cucumbers This is an excellent way to get all the nutrition out also cause you guys don't drink enough water this is perfect for winter dehydration.

Next chop your tomatoes and add them too the cucumbers that's half work done see it's not that difficult

Now squeeze half lemon over it since the veggies I'm using are from my grandma's garden it's free and so I will use the lemon zest too since no pesticides went on them

Add the boiled mung beans and our salad is partly done ❤️

Now because I'm extra I will be getting two green chillies , cut their belly Deseed them

I will take my spice mix which is salt , turmeric , red chilli.powder , chat masala , oregano and coriander powder

Mix em together with lemon juice so they be all like a paste (The paste of delicious heart burn ❤️‍🔥) 🤣 Now fill the chillies up and fry them

Add them to your salad and there you have it ❤️😍

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Written by   48
2 months ago
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I love cucumber my friend. It's one of my favorites. Want to taste it. I love salad.

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2 months ago

I will add boiled macroni in it and will surely try this Thanks for sharing dear

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2 months ago